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Benefits Of Using Mint


Over centuries, mint has been used by the people in Europe, India, and the Middle East in their medical cultures for its great health benefits. Mint is a perennial herb with an aromatic smell used for culinary purposes. When used they leave a fresh, cooling, and refreshing flavor after taste. …

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Home Remedies For Common Cold And Cough

Cold Cough Girl

Cough is a type of irritation in the throat that usually occurs along with the common cold.  There are two types of cough namely dry cough and cough with mucus.  Cough can lead to other serious conditions if not treated in time. If the cough is accompanied by headache and …

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13 Home Remedies of Cold and Flu in Babies and Kids

Home Remedies

Weather change brings with it different kinds of ailments, the most common being cold and flu. Cold and flu are viral infections, most communicable diseases, where even the antibiotics are not useful in curing this. People of all ages are vulnerable to this problem of viral cough and cold. But …

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Home remedies of cough and cold for babies

Mpther Baby

Hello mommies and daddies, the very first thing we should know about cough and cold is that why it happens? Before we go for the solution let us take a glimpse of the problem so that we can give better treatment to our babies and toddlers. There are several reasons …

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