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Loose Weight In Short Time


Several ways have been identified by which one can lose weight in a short time. These ways to lose weight in a short time are also extremely simple to implement. This is because an individual does not take a long time to follow these ways and at the same time …

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Does Your Child Need Counselling


Every person is different in this world and so is every kid. Therefore, most of the parents think only their kid is shy, bully, indifferent, etc. But they should understand their kids. Some parents check their young ones very frequently which makes the kids introvert sometimes. Then the question arises …

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Tips For Staying Positive

Fitness Beautiful Girl Jean

We know life is not always the smooth sailing boat that we expecting. There will be turmoil in the life of each and every person. How we look at it is what makes the difference. Most of us are very negative in our thoughts which affect our complete life. Another …

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How to Survive Depression


Many people even today do not acknowledge clinical depression as an illness.  It is actually a serious illness that affects about 17 million Americans every year. But though surviving depression might be difficult, it is not an impossible task. There are several ways in which positive reinforcement from the people …

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Top 10 Best Canadian Doctor Accounts on Instagram


With Instagram gaining popularity all over the world, even Doctors have joined Instagram to show their skills and provide appropriate advice. They are top medical representatives and have long years of experience in their respective fields. Given below are some of the best Canadian Doctor accounts that have a renowned …

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Indian Festival Lohri: Tradition and Rituals of Celebration

Indian Lohri Festival

Shri Guru Nanak brought into existence what we know as Sikhs. Sikhism was established in the 15th century. Punjabis are residing mostly in Lahore and Punjab. Gurumukhi is the religious scripts followed by them. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru developed the concept of brotherhood, Khalsa. Speaking about the grantha …

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New Year Home Party Ideas for New Parents


Congratulations and a very Happy New Year to all the new moms and dads because you are going to start this New Year with a new family member. The last night and the first day of the year should be enjoyed and celebrated. But are you worried about staying at home because …

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10 Best Ways to Promote Positive Parenting

Parents Talks Image

Parenting is a not-so-easy task.  There are different challenges come along with parenting. Parents need to be caring, responsible, understanding and patience as well. A child thinks weirdly, asks inappropriate questions, and try to explore new things. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to figure out the world …

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Top 11 Indian Mom’s Blogs To Follow

Mother and baby in dining room with laptop smiling

Motherhood is an experience any lady would never give up on. Despite the thousands of hardships, a woman goes through while this beautiful phase of life, the blissful feeling of holding the little one in our hands is the best. With the changing times, babies are changing their habits too …

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