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Weight Loss Drugs


Weight loss drugs can effectively reduce your weight while improving your health only if the drugs are used in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. Weight-loss medications are not to be confused with dietary supplements. Weight Loss Drugs can really help you to lose weight, however, you …

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Weight Loss Facts


Weight management is all about balancing the number of calories that you consume with the number of calories that your body uses or burns off. The weight loss guides and the various nutrition therapies which you find in magazines and online may not always work. This article will explain the …

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Women Spend Time On Looks Than Health

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According to a survey it was revealed that women spend more time on looks than health and the average amount of money that they spend on beauty products and treatments is a whopping six hundred dollars per annum. Many women tend to ignore their health in the bid to look …

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Weight Loss Cleanse


Weight Loss Cleanse is a dietary system, which purportedly draws toxins out of your blood cells and clears them from the body by improving your overall health.  Those who recommend cleansing as a way to lose weight claim that toxins from food additives and preservatives, pesticides, hormones, pollution, tobacco use, …

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Weight Loss Belt


The buzz about the Weight Loss Belt is that it helps you to sweat away from the unwanted fat in your body. It also eliminates cellulite and helps you to lose weight in a faster way and eases your muscle pain. All these benefits can be obtained while sitting in …

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Weight Loss Drinks


Weight loss drinks are becoming more popular of late as consumers go crazy about weight loss drinks that hit the market in many different forms. Weight Loss drinks are coming as energy drinks, fat burning drinks, meal replacement shakes, protein drinks, and the traditional drink Slim Fast. The popular weight …

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Waist Size Predicts Heart Disease Risk

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The body mass index or BMI is a predictor of obesity which is a proven cause of heart disease. In recent times, studies have proven that waist size is linked with the incidence of heart disease. CNN, the American network reported: “As in previous studies, a high BMI was associated …

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Tips To Maintain And Not Gain Weight This Winter


Staying fit and maintaining one’s health and fitness is a task that everyone struggles with nowadays. When it comes to finding ways to maintain and not gain weight this winter, there are a lot of creative and easy to follow steps one can follow; like taking a fibrous diet, having …

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Healthy Weight Loss


The great number of diets and weight loss programs available to the general public these days do not always ensure that you will lose weight in a healthy way. There are some very questionable diets and weight loss products, and many doctors are reluctant to allow their patients to follow …

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Weight Loss Products


When you are considering the idea of shedding some pounds, it is natural for you to think: How can I do it in the quickest, most effortless way? The answer probably lies in the hordes of weight loss products currently available to the general public. We have been looking into …

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