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214 Latest Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Baby Girl Newborn

Urban parents and millennials who are new parents can choose from this list of baby girl names to name their child choosing from the list, each of which has a beautiful meaning. Parents who want to choose a meaningful name for their child can choose a name whose meaning they …

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217 Latest Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Baby Boy Names

There are many unique and meaningful names you can choose for a Hindu baby boy from this list. Most of them are from mythology and a few are unique with beautiful meanings. It has been an ancient practice to choose the names of Gods and goddesses for babies amongst Hindus. …

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15 famous Muslim Baby names : You May Use For Your Newborn

Baby names

When it comes to deciding a Muslim baby name for your child you would wish to keep it the best and as unique as possible. As soon as a baby is born in the family, all the family members become excited and start giving their own suggestions. It becomes difficult to choose the …

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