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Baby Growth And Development

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Baby growth and development can be divided into various stages depending on who the psychological proponent of the stage. The most famous stages of development are of Sigmund Freud’s. The psychosexual development. It starts with the infancy stage from zero to about three months where the baby is newly born and has …

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Average Height and Weight of 6 months old babies

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The height and weight of your child will change and vary from time to time. And the normal weight and height of the child can be determined by a number of factors. The baby weight may vary for both boys and girls. Hence, there are a number of ways by which the …

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Average Weight and Height of babies

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The babies enter the world with different height and weight and they grow at their own pace.  All the babies have their unique personality right from their birth. The different height and weight of the baby depend on their growth and this can be easily understood by the babies growth …

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