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Grandparents are best friends of babies

Grand Parents PT

The bond between grandparents and kids is so wonderful. Read through the article to know why grandparents are the best friends of babies. They have all the time in the world: they are mostly retired and they have no pressure on the workplace in the back of their mind. They …

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Tips to get your toddler talking


Speech is a gift that every toddler must learn to use when they become the age of 2 or 3. Parents should speak to them and make them learn new words every day. Read through the article to know more: Tips to discipline a toddler By age 2, toddlers know 20 …

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Is your baby also not eating properly in summers!

baby eating parents talks

Hello smart mommies and daddies, Welcome back to parentstalks.com, so, the summers and heat are at its peak, and I am getting a new experience this summer with my baby that he is losing his appetite due to so high temperature. Am I the only mother who is experiencing it …

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How to Encourage a Toddler to Write

Parents Talk Magazine 3

Make writing practice “fun” for your toddlers.  Put workbooks aside and until and unless your toddler is really interested in them. You can easily inculcate writing habits to your young and toddlers. As you put the effort in them, they literally improve and make a mark in the writing world.  …

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Average Height and Weight of 6 months old babies

Parents Talk Magazine school baby

The height and weight of your child will change and vary from time to time. And the normal weight and height of the child can be determined the number of factors. The baby weight may vary for both boys and girls. Hence, there are a number of ways by which the parents …

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Average Weight and Height of babies

Baby Sleep Chart Parents Talks

The babies enter the world with different height and weight and they grow at their own pace.  All the babies have their unique personality right from their birth. The different height and weight of the baby depend on their growth and this can be easily understood by the babies growth …

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Baby massage is good for constipation and gas

Baby Massage Parents Talks

Constipation and gas in babies are very common and even they also feel very irritating during this time. Often babies have to go through from the unusual bowel movement but and they can’t say their problems in words. But you know the babies know all the ways to express their …

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Advantages & Disadvantages of sending your child to preschool

Jorja Parents Talks Magazine

As a concerned parent, are you willing to send your child to preschool? Then, before joining kindergarten, it will be a great decision for both the parents and toddlers as well. The child preschool often has a special curriculum set, so that it favours the kid to a great extent. Their approach to education also …

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Top 7 Simple and Delicious Cereal Recipes for Your Baby

Cereal Recipes Parents Talks

A baby of around four to six months starts eating solids and baby can even begin early like in only four months. What should be a mother’s first preference for baby food? Unawareness about the cereal recipes for your baby, which takes you to store to bring jars of baby food or baby cereal. Although …

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