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Top 12 Ways to Wean Your Baby in an Easy Way

Top ways to wean your baby in an Easy Way

As your baby is growing, there are things and habits they will have to learn to let go of, as time goes on. One of them is nursing. Doctors suggest that babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life, and then their diet can be turned …

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217 Latest Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Baby Boy Names

There are many unique and meaningful names you can choose for a Hindu baby boy from this list. Most of them are from mythology and a few are unique with beautiful meanings. It has been an ancient practice to choose the names of Gods and goddesses for babies amongst Hindus. …

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Baby Dressing Guide:  Different Steps to follow

Akarsh Mandial

Dressing your baby is a delightful thing you get to do every day. It is another chance to spend time with your baby, talk to them, and make them feel comfortable and soft. It is important to choose clothes for your baby that are fresh and clean. They should be …

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How To Babyproof Your Home To Maximize Baby’s Safety

Babyproof Your Home

Children’s Safety is the foremost responsibility of a disciplined parent. No matter where you go, you must keep an eye on your child as children as innocent and unaware of the things around them. They are always curious to know everything they observe around them that is they would either …

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How to get your baby to get a sound sleep

Akarsh Mandial Baby

Sound sleep is very essential for a newborn baby. It will help him to take rest and relax their mind. Parents can also get some relief from daily tiredness and can finally get some sleep only if their baby is not causing any trouble to them. Even the doctors suggest …

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The Right Way to Take care of your Sick Baby

fatherhood parents Talks

Babies are delicate and they require special care and nurturing whenever they get sick. Parents must stick around their baby whenever he is sick. They must pamper their kid and help him to get proper bed rest for a few days. Not only this, if the condition of the baby …

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A complete guide to your baby’s teething process


Teething is regarded as the most irritating phase of a baby’s life. The baby has to go through sweat, frustration, mood swings and a lot more. It is quite a busy period for the parents too as they have to prepare medications and other home remedies to give relief to …

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How To Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Ananya Mandial

Make your child ‘feel good’ about good qualities and skills in them, it boosts their self-esteem and gives them a sense of doing the right thing. They feel appreciated and encouraged to do better. You must also be careful not to praise unhealthy behaviour and label them ‘cute’ just because …

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How Parents Can Deal With Sibling Rivalry


Every child has a different psyche. When dealing with children, parents must take care not to draw comparisons or show favouritism towards their children. This is usually the root cause of fights and rivalry that starts between siblings. Parents must love all of their children equally and not let them …

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Psychological Reasons Behind Kids Fighting

Kids Fighting

Mental health of kids must be taken utmost care of right from the early stage. Children simulate the behaviour and attitude of parents. When kids see parents fighting or arguing, it has an adverse effect on their emotions and psychology. Fighting in front of kids is a sign of bad parenting. …

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