Sure Shot Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the serious diseases commonly seen in people. Usually, people get this problem when the Glucose level in the blood increases. This leads to dangerous problems which include: stroke or heart attack. There exist lots of things that can be taken care of to control diabetes. And if at all we are worried about this, we can lower the risk by keeping several things in mind.

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There are 2 types of diabetes which include: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes does not allow the body to produce insulin. It usually develops in young adults and children but there is no age limit. Type 2 is one of the common types. Here, the body produces insulin but it is not used in the right way. When we are inactive or overweight, we often get Type 2 diabetes.


Sure shot Symptoms that reveals that you have diabetes are

‘Frequent trips’ to the bathroom: Often making a visit to your restroom is not a silly thing, it is a symptom that reveals that you have diabetes.

Unquenchable thirst: Feeling thirsty always is also a sure symptom of having diabetes.

Weight loss without adequate exercise leads to Type 1 diabetes.

Mood Swings and Irritability: This is one of the sure-shot symptoms to have diabetes and the end result is a lack of ‘cellular energy’.

Fatigue and weakness: Feeling weak then consult a doctor immediately to check your insulin level, since this is a symptom of having diabetes.

Extreme hunger: When the body becomes energy deficient, then it is found that the blood sugar levels shoot up to their highest level.

Numbness or tingling in our legs, hands, or feet is one of the sure-shot symptoms that show that you have diabetes.

Itchiness in skin or dryness.

It is not always possible to know whether a person has Type 2 diabetes or not. If the person is not treated for this, he or she often feels hungry, thirsty, and tired. They may urinate often, lose weight, or will have some trouble in their eyes like blurred vision. They may suffer from skin infection or their bruises or cuts will take a long time to heal.

Diabetes often results in problems related to blood vessels, heart, eyes, kidneys, teeth, gums, and nerves. A person with Type2 diabetes has a greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease. So care must be taken on these things that we should control our glucose level, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure that helps us to delay or prevent diabetes and the problems caused through it. Pre-diabetes are often caused in many people. It means that the glucose level in the person is higher than that of the normal, but it is not that high to call diabetes. A person with Type 2 diabetes has a high risk which may lead to stroke or heart attack. It is one of the serious problems but a lot of things can help. For example, eating good healthy foods, losing weight, and exercise can delay or prevent diabetes in adults.

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