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Summer skin care tips for Babies

As we all know that the hot summers have arrived again and the sun is all set to burn us from his heating rays. The babies also feel the same as we feel in the summers. The scorching wind also affects the baby’s sensitive skin. Even heating sunrays have many negative effects on children’s skin than the elder ones. According to research, the bad sunburn in childhood doubles the risk of malignant melanoma disease which is one of the most dangerous kinds of skin cancer. So, it is very necessary to take the proper care of kid’s skin during summer time.

This is just the starting of the summer and the heating temperature will gradually increase day by day. With the rising temperature, the babies will also equally feel the summer irritation as like us. They are totally unaware that how to get rid of sunburn and heat rashes, but it is our responsibility to know their summer needs.

It is very necessary to follow the proper skin care routine of babies. You should also know, how to keep safe babies in summer through air conditioning, a proper temperature to maintain. In summers the babies need extra care and nourishment for their tender skin. Here are some of the effective tips to fight the sunburns and heat rashes throughout the summer. Here we have categorized the different problems of summers and also the tips to get rid of the various problems.

Heat rash

The most common thing happens to babies in summer is the heat rash. During heat rash, you will notice some red spots on your kid’s body. This is very irritating and itchy. The heat rash makes the children uncomfortable.


  • Give bath to your baby with lukewarm water as it will give relaxation to your babies body.
  • Always prefer the soap which is specially made for the babies as it contains less chemical. The soap with plenty of chemicals is not good for baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Avoid using Diapers as it is not good for the babies skin. Diapers are the main cause of heat rashes as the bump remains covered and sometimes the kids are left with wet diapers because of Negligence
  • Avoid going outside during noon time if it is not necessary to go out.
  • Try to keep the baby in cool temperature which you can maintain by using AC and coolers.


As we have discussed that sunburn in childhood can cause severe skin care in future. This can make you understand how dangerous is the sunburn. The baby’s skin is very sensitive, delicate and thin layered so it can easily get affected by the direct sun rays. It is very important to make them away from the direct rays of sun especially in the afternoon. If somehow your baby got affected by the sun rays then apply this treatment to get recover easily.


  • The sunburn can be treated by the wash of cold water. Don’t apply the water directly. Take a wet cloth of cold water and gently apply the cloth on the affected area for about 10-15 minutes. Repeat the same process for 3-4 times in a day and keeps doing until the sunburn is cured.
  • Apply sunscreen lotion on baby’s skin whenever you have to go outside. Select the product with fewer chemicals and which is made especially for kids.
  • You can also use the Aloe Vera gel or mild moisturizer while going outside
  • Cover your baby with cotton clothes when you go out in the direct sun rays. 
  • Sometimes the sunburns are painful. If you see the pain and burning are increasing then call your doctor for fast recovery.
  • If your baby is suffering from the sunburn then avoid going outside.

Mosquitoes and other Insects

Mosquito biting is a common occurrence in summer. Along with mosquito, there are many other insects like bugs and ants also come out. The various insect’s bites are very harmless but there are many others whose bite can be formed in allergies. This is very important to keep our babies away from any type of insects. But this is a big question that how to prevent babies from insect biting because they can come anywhere and at any time?


  • If insect bites have turned into an allergic reaction then first wash the area with a cold wet cloth. It will help in reducing swelling and pain. If you have any cream suggested by the doctor to stop itch then apply the cream. If you don’t have then you can also apply the homemade cow milk ghee or coconut oil.
  • Use insects killing spray in the house. Keep in mind that the spray should not be used when the baby is in the room and keep away the spray from elder kids reach.
  • You can dress your infants the long sleeved cotton clothes to avoid the mosquito biting.
  • Put cotton on the baby’s ear because sometimes insects go inside the ear and then in the brain.
  • Use Mosquito net while sleeping.

Babies Skin Care

Apart from this treatment and prevention, there are many other tips which will also be effective to do the best skin care of babies in summer. Check out:

  • Food: It is very necessary to provide proper diet to the babies so that they cannot get any type of skin allergy very soon. The balanced diet keeps balances of the hormones and immune system so that they can fight with skin allergies if it occurs. Give them plenty of summer fruits to eat to keep their body hydrated.
  • Water: Keep the baby’s body hydrate by giving plenty of water to them. Use boiled and filtered water to your baby. During summer, babies should drink 12 ounces of water to prevent daily dehydration. The hydrated body helps in preventing skin rashes.
  • Clothes: Select the right clothes for babies. Use loose-fitting cotton clothes in summer so that they can easily absorb the sweat from the skin. Don’t wrap your baby in a layer of clothes as it can result in the heat rashes.
  • Sunscreen; Make sure to use the sunscreen lotion to your baby’s skin so that they can get protected from the heating sun rays. Consult with your doctor before applying any type of lotion on baby’s skin. If you notice any type of allergic reaction from the use of cream then immediately stop its use.
  • Summer Bath: Give your baby the summer bath twice a day so that they feel fresh enough to enjoy their playing. Make sure that the bathing water should be lukewarm.
  • Diaper rash cream: If it is necessary to use the diapers then also use the diaper rash cream to avoid the skin rashes. Instead, you can use cotton diapers when you are at home.

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