Summer outing tips

Summer outing tips with babies

Are you a mother and also travel lover? But how to manage both the things with this burning sun or you will sit at home and wait for the rain to come. Do you have any idea or any planning but getting confused that how to manage with the weather. Read out the full article to know how to beat the heat to enjoy the summer outing with your kids.

Summer’s burning heat is at its peak and it has great burning effects on our body as well as the baby’s body. But it is not possible to stay at home for the whole summer season. Even you yourself will feel to go outside for mood changes and refreshment. The sleepless nights, household works, baby’s responsibilities, and much other such tension can make you dull, lazy and hopeless but a simple summer outing can refresh your mood. 

If you are a mother then obviously one thing which will come in your mind, that will it be safe to go outside with babies in the hot summer season? The answer is YES but with so many safety tips. Keep your baby away from the direct sunrays; use the warm clothes and many other precautions which will let you enjoy the outing. Check out the effective safety tips to make your and baby’s mood refreshing. 


The very first thing to go outside in the summer season is the timing. Make a plan for your trip in the morning or in the evening. Avoid the afternoons if it is not necessary. Rather if you have time in the afternoon only then choose to go to the cinema hall or any mall which is fully air conditioner. If you want to go to meet any of your friend or relative then choose the morning time. The morning and evening sun does have so much burning heat which can cause heat rashes or itchiness. 

Dress up

In the summer season, the best way to avoid heat is the proper comfortable clothes which can allow air to circulate in your body parts. This thing is also applicable to you also. Try to grab the 100% cotton clothes for both of you which let you stay cool. The cotton cloths have the ability to absorb the sweating to an extent that you don’t feel irritated by itchy skin.


Whenever you go outside make sure that you have kept the water bottle of your baby. The cooled boiled water is good for babies. If you will feel thirsty, you can buy a bottle but the outside water is not good for babies. So, in summers the water is the basic thing which you should not forget.

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Formula milk

If your baby takes the formula milk then don’t forget to take it. Take thermos to keep the milk fresh. The feeding bottle is another requirement to feed your baby.


If your baby is above 7-8 months and you have started giving him summer refreshing juice then carry one of his favourite juice bottles also. The homemade juice in the summer is proved perfect refreshment for the babies as well as adults.


If your baby is above 8 months then you can take some of the snacks like homemade baked potato chips, murmured, biscuits and other snacks which your baby loves to eat.


The fruits are the best thing to eat in the summer season. If your baby is above 8-9 months then take some fruits and knife with you to feed your baby properly. Fruits are the best way to overcome dehydration.

Cap or Hat

Wear a cap or hat on baby’s head so that it cannot come in direct contact with the sun rays. The cotton is best in summers to keep the head cool and sweating free.

Summer outing tips with baby
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Many kids don’t want to wear caps or hats. In that case, you can use the umbrella to cover both of you from the heat. There are many varieties of umbrella available in the market specially designed for kids. You can buy one of the attractive bright coloured umbrellas which your baby will also love.

Suns cream

Apply suns cream properly at your baby’s body to avoid the heat reaction. Apply the baby’s special Suns cream of a good brand to avoid any type of reaction on sensitive skin. 

Heat rashes cream

Apply the heat rashes cream under diaper if your baby suffering from the itch and rashes. Some baby’s skin is so sensitive that the cream does not suit their skin. If this is also with your baby then apply coconut oil on the affected area to get the soothing effects.


Take some of your baby’s favourite toy with you so that you can make your baby busy with the toys if you are doing any work.


Take extra diapers with you so that you can change it if the diaper is wet. The wet diaper and sweating together can make the acidic reaction on the baby’s skin. So be alert in changing the diapers frequently to avoid the heat rashes.

Carry pram

Always carry the baby’s pram with you so that you can free your hands. Even the baby also feels comfortable in the pram. Purchase the pram which can be easily folded so that you can carry it easily wherever you go.

Transport mode

The AC cab or your personal car is the best mode of transport to go somewhere along with your baby. Make sure to on the AC of the car when you sit inside and off it 5 minutes before when you leave the car. This is necessary to maintain the temperature according to the body temperature of your baby.

These all some of the basic tips which include the proper feeding things, the right choice of clothes, creams and many other basic things which will help you and your baby to enjoy the summer outings. 

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