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Summer fruits to delight your baby

Summer season is at its peak with the hotness of sunlight. In summers not only we but our kids also don’t want to eat the oily and spicy foods. It is people thought that water is best to keep the body hydrated during summer time. But it is not possible with the babies because they don’t want to drink so much water which is tasteless. Instead of keeping them hydrated from only water try to make them habitual to eat healthy fruits and homemade juices. Kids also love to eat healthy, tasty and juicy fruits. Read here Summer skin care tips for Babies.

Almost all the fruits have the capacity to cool our body and are a very rich source in maintaining the water level of our body. The fruits and vegetables have the power to strengthen the immunity system of our babies. Fruits eating habit is proved very helpful to set up a healthy lifestyle. 

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Summer fruits to delight your baby

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So, if your baby is above 6 months then for what you are waiting. Delight your baby with cool, juicy, tasty and healthy fruits. Check out some of the most popular mouthwatering fruits for your baby. Baby’s first summer: Great tips for new moms.

  • Mango: When it comes to the name of summer fruits then how can we forget the Mango which is popularly known as the King of fruits in India. Mango is always a mouthwatering fruit for all and it is rich with vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, which may help prevent cancer and promotes healthy skin. You can either mash it or make the mango shake to increase its healthy taste.
  • Grapes: The small grapes have many benefits while eating in summer. Along with keeping your baby hydrated the grapes also helps in preventing cancer, heart problems and degenerative nerve disease. It also purifies the blood because of its blood cleansing properties. 

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  • Cucumber: The best and most likely ingredients to make salad are Cucumbers. This contains approximately 95% of water which is very helpful in keeping the body hydrated for a long time. The salad can be made with the combination of many other vegetables along with cucumber. The vegetables like tomatoes, onion, cabbage and there are many other options which are good and healthy too as an alike cucumber. It is very necessary to add salad in your baby’s daily diet chart.
  • Cantaloupe melon: The sweet Cantaloupe or it is popularly known by the name Kharbuja in Hindi is one of the favourite fruit of kids. You can cut it in pieces and keep it in the freeze. Serve when it is chilled. The cool kharbuja will add an extra taste while eating. If your baby is too small to eat the chilled Cantaloupe then make a smoothie for him. It has high water content and is a rich source of fibre and Vitamin A, K and E. It helps in preventing the body from anaemia and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Watermelon: The red watermelon always mouths water the kids. The melon is a good option to eat in summer because along with yummy taste it is made up from 92% of water. The melon is also fulfilled with many essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins, especially Vitamin C. It also protects the kids from sun exposure.
  • Pineapple: The yummy pineapple is tasty and loved by all the kids. It helps in proper digestion because of bromelain in it. The manganese in pineapple helps in keeping bones and gums healthy. The anti-inflammatory properties help fight bronchitis, swellings and other infections.
  • Variety of Berries: The summer fruits Blueberries, Strawberries, raspberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C which boost immunity. These multicoloured berries are very attracted to kids and they love to eat all types of berries.
  • Oranges: The juiciest and tasty summer fruits are rich in Vitamin C, thiamine and foliate which provides natural UV protection. It also improves the red blood cells in the body. You can give your baby the orange juice if they are not able to eat it.
  • Banana: Bananas comes in all season but for ids, banana is good in the summertime because in winters the banana can make cough and phlegm in babies. This is a very good fruit for your kids as this is rich in a high amount of potassium and iron which keeps your baby active and energetic. 
  • Lemon juice: The lemon Juice in summer can be described as an energy drink which is rich in Vitamin C. The lemon juice fulfil the requirement of sugar and salt intake in the body too. However, the lemon juice should be avoided to the babies below 2 years old kids.
  • Apricots: The apricot comes in the early summers and rich in potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron and have high fiber content. This fruit is very good for infants as well as older babies.
  • Peaches: The peaches are a rich source in beta-carotene and Vitamin C. Kids love to eat this fleshy and juicy fruit. This fruit has many skin benefits.
  • Litchi: The soft, juicy and fleshy summer fruit is a good source of protein, vitamins, fat, citric acid, pectin, phosphorus and iron. This is a very good fruit for small babies and older kids.
  • Kiwi: The kiwi is the fruit which cannot be given to infants as it is sour in taste. But this can be given to other age group kids. This fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C and helps the body to stay hydrated.
  • Guava: Guava in summers helps in preventing cough, cold, diarrhoea and dysentery. These are sodium-free with low fat and calories and a rich source of Vitamin C. This guava fruit cannot be given to the infants because its seeds can upset their tummy with pain and indigestion.

Parents often consider the packed packets of juices and beverages to save time. But do you really think that any artificial colour added beverages can replace the original fruits? Instead of taking the high-calorie fruit juices try to hydrate your baby with natural fruits and vegetables. The fruits are low in calorie and help to detoxify the body.

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