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Summer care tips for new born babies

Hey, you all moms and daddies. Are you worried about your baby’s first summer? Thinking about how to face the weather with your little one? And you are confused with so many advice from various people. Am I right? So to help you I came with an article which will help you in summers that how you should take care of your babies to avoid many diseases and colic.

As we all know that summers are not easy and this is also true that we cannot stay at home for the whole summer season. Our newborn babies and toddlers have to face much sudden colic during summers. For example, diaper rashes, sun rashes, dehydration, loose motions, vomiting, and loss of appetite, sweating, viral infections and many other summer illnesses. We can’t do anything about nature but yes we can make some safety summer tips for our babies. So, take a quick view of my summer tips for newborn babies.

What type of clothes to wear in summer?

As we all know that the clothing style of the baby plays a very vital role in summer. Not only babies but we also change our wardrobe in summers. There are many small things which you should keep in mind to avoid the side effects of cloths in summer. Check them out:

  • Always use pure cotton clothes for babies in which they will feel comfortable. Cotton clothes are a friendly outfit for everyone. They protect the baby from sweating.
  • Choose colours wisely while purchasing summer clothes. Buy light colour clothes like white, light pink, light yellow and many other light colours. Dark colours attract the sun rays and heat which is harmful to toddlers.
  • Light colour summer cotton clothes are good only if you will buy them in loose fittings. The tight-fitting clothes fail to absorb the sweating. Loose fitting clothes are very much friendly in avoiding sweating during summers.
  • If you are in room AC or Car AC, make sure that your baby has worn full sleeves clothes. As we all know that AC cools down the room temperature and summer clothes fail to protect your baby from the cold which in turn results to cough & cold or pneumonia.
  • Sometimes we face very frequent changes in climate and get confused that what type of cloths should be used for kids. At that time, use layers of cotton clothes so that you can remove them easily whenever it’s needed.
  • If you are going outside then make sure that you have taken your kids hat or cap to avoid direct sun rays on the head. Use cotton caps for newborn babies.
  • Avoid wearing socks in summer to your child. The packed foot will irritate your kiss because of sweating. Use sandals instead of shoes.
  • Diapers are in today’s trend. Parents think it a remark if they are using diapers regularly. But the diapers are very harmful and had many side effects if it is not changed properly. If you are at home then use cloth nappies or cotton pyjamas. Wash them if your baby pees into it.

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How to hydrate your baby’s body

Dehydration in summers is a very common thing as we have heard from our ancestors. You have to take summers dehydration:

  • If your baby is below 6 months then breastfeed him very frequently. After every 2 hours give him your milk or formula milk. Don’t give a gap in the timing of feeding your baby so that his body remains hydrated.
  • If your baby is above 6 months then give water to him frequently. You can also give your toddler the other substitute of water like watermelon or other fruits and beverages.
  • The baby’s pee at any time and thus it is necessary to keep hydrated your baby’s body by intake of water.

How to take care of Baby skin in summer

As we all know that the skin of the baby is so sensitive and we have to take of it very much. Especially in the summer season, we get confused that what exactly should we use that cools down the body. Talcum powder, moisturizer, sunscreen or any other cream are in the queue for options but as a parent, we have to select the best among them. Check out some best summer skin care tips for babies:

  • Many people advised that massage is not good in summer time but in actual it gives relaxation to the baby’s body. You can use coconut oil for massage as it has many essential components which cool down the body and have no side effects.
  • Be assured that if you have given massage to your baby then it is just to give them a bath. Massage oil will make their body oily and sticky and hence they will feel an irritated whole day without bathing.
  • In summers bath your baby at least two times in a day.
  • Never bath your baby with cold water. In summers also use Luke warm water for baby bathing as it gives relaxation to their bodies.
  • Whenever you go outside use sunscreen of a good company. Always buy the baby products which are specially made for babies because in normal cosmetics there might be any chemical which is not good for baby’s skin.
  • Use Diaper rashes cream or coconut oil before wearing diapers.
  • In summers the mosquito biting is very common. Use a mosquito net while sleeping.

These are some of the basic things which every parent should know. Rest you can take care of your baby according to the situation. Better to avoid going outside in the noon time. If this is your first summer with your baby then try to do activities inside the home.


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