Weight Loss Plateaus

Study On Diet Type or Calories Lost To Lose Weight

There have been various types of discussions that, which is the better diet type or the calorie loss. There has been a study that has shown results over the period of two years.

In the study, 811 men and women were considered. They were assigned either of the diets from the following four types of diet:

  • A high-fat diet with average protein.
  • A high-fat diet with high protein.
  • A low-fat diet with average protein.
  • A low-fat diet with high protein.

The calorie count has been the same for all the diet forms. All of them had at least 1200 calories. 

Next, all these participants were asked to exercise for at least ninety minutes a day. They were given counseling, there were group sessions undertaken.

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The result was surprising. Even though they were on different types of diets, their weight loss and decrease in waistline were the same. They all had improved triglyceride, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and insulin levels. 

This study shows that if you have a well-balanced diet, you will lose weight and if you watch your calorie count you will be healthy. Exercise is important and it needs to be incorporated into the daily regime so that along with diet, exercise also helps in cutting down the calories. 

Basically, we see that it is important to cut calories to get a well-balanced life. There are several ways to cut calories in our daily life. Here are a few of the ways: 

  • You should use skimmed milk in your coffee or tea as it will have fewer calories than the full milk.
  • Use more fibrous and low-cal wheat to make bread. The white flour needs to be avoided.
  • Use more brown bread or multi grain bread. Avoid those sweet bread or sandwich bread as they are rich in calories.
  • Use low cal sugar, or better avoid sugar where you can. There are various sugar-free supplements available on the market.
  • Avoid patting butter on your bread or potato. It is better to butter spray as it will use less amount of butter thereby reducing the intake of unwanted calories.
  • Don’t overload your body with proteins or supplements. Just take the necessary and required amount.
  • Drink plenty of water. Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps a lot because it makes you feel full already so you eat less. However, avoid drinking water in between meals.
  • Add more forms of raw vegetables to your diet.
  • Eating fruit instead of snacking on high-calorie snacks is a better option.
  • When you are eating out make sure that you order less and go for more nutritious food rather than more calorie-rich food.
  • Stop yourself from eating just before you feel you are going to be full. Basically one should eat less than a full stomach. If the calorie intake is higher, the digestion will also take more time and by that time another period of eating comes and we tend to eat.
  • Eat at least three to four hours before sleeping. The calories that you take need to be digested and it takes time, but while sleeping the digestion process is slower or nil.

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