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How to stay fit during pregnancy!

Hello to all preggies, congratulation for soon you are going to be a Beautiful MOM, but do you think that your body is going to lose its beauty because of gaining much weight, stretch marks or your dark complexion?

The changes in the body are very common and natural during pregnancy, but it can be controlled with some of our efforts. However, a limited amount of weight is surely going to increase because of amniotic fluid and baby weight but that weight can be maintained by doing various postpartum weight loss exercise and diet.

A fit and healthy pregnancy is the one in which preggies adopt the good habits. Pregnancy is the time to enjoy but at the same time it is also crucial time in which you have to care for yourself in keeping you healthy. A healthy and fit mother is the one who can nourish their babies very well. So, dear preggies stay fit not only for you but also for your baby.

Here are some of the effective ways which will let you know that How to stay Fit while you are pregnant:

A good Diet

A good diet is very important for pregnant women to stay healthy and it is beneficial too for the baby in the womb. We know that cravings during pregnancy is natural and women wants to eat something different at any time. Try to make your craving into something creative healthy eatings. Make something at home so that you can add some beneficial nutrients in the meal which can help your body to be active.

There is no doubt that the oily and spicy foods generates the problem of heartburning and acidity and thus loss of energy. And if you are lack from energy then how will do the workouts for pregnancy. Sometimes you can have the market spicy foods but don’t make it routine.

Some of the essential foods which should be added to your meal for you and your baby are

  • Calcium riched foods
  • Protein riched foods
  • Iron and Folate riched foods
  • Minerals and nutrients
  • Green vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Dry fruits
  • Seeds, etc.


As soon as you will pregnant, there will be many mouths that are going to suggest you to stop exercise and other workouts for healthy pregnancy. But if you will say bye to the exercise then you are inviting the laziness in your body. Exercise is very beneficial for mental and physical health of mother as well as for the baby. There are many ways of workouts such as walking, swimming, yoga, etc. Choose the one in which your body feels comfortable. Check out some of the workouts which is specially made for the pregnant women to enjoy the whole nine months of period. Check out:

Yoga: Yoga is an art of doing exercise in most beautiful way. It had been practiced from years ago in India and now Yoga is a part of many Indians as well as the foreigners.

Walking: Walking is very important for pregnant women. As soon as you start planning of getting pregnant start to walk for at least 20 minutes in a day. Continue the walking process for the whole nine months for the healthy delivery.

Swimming: If you love water and know how to swim then go underwater to enjoy the wet refreshing feelings. But swimming is also risky because if by chance you slipped then it may harm your pregnancy. So, if you love swimming then go in the water with much care.

Dance: I think that dance is always the favorite one of all ladies. If you love dance then play your favorite track and start moving body. This will refresh your mood as well it will also burn your extra calories.

Zoomba and aerobics: These both workouts are similar to dance but in these you have to move your body in exercise manner to maintain the healthy pregnancy. Join the Zoomba and Aerobic classes which are specially running for pregnant ladies.

Squatting: This exercise is beneficial and helpful and the result is seen during delivery time. The squatting helps in opening the pelvis which is good for normal delivery.

Image Source Kaylaitsines/Pixabay

Listen your body

Love your body and listen that what body is saying. If you are unwell and not feeling good then give rest to your body. It is very common that one day you feel active and next day you suffer from morning sickness, tiredness and other sickness. So, in case when you are not well then don’t force your body to do any activities.

The same thing happens with the cravings. Eat what you want to eat but be sure that the food is hygiene and healthy.


The stretching is very important for pregnant women. You can ignore all other exercise but be sure to do the regular stretching. The stretching is important because it helps in improving the body posture which gives space to baby to come out during delivery.

Stay Hydrated

This is very important to keep your body hydrated while pregnancy. Make sure that your body has adequate amounts of water. This will help in curing the dehydration and constipation. So, make sure that you are well hydrated with liquids like water, homemade juice and juicy fruits.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

If your lifestyle includes the alcohol and smoking then quit it because it will ruin your fitness while you are pregnant. The alcohol and smoking during pregnancy is not a good habit. It may harm your pregnancy and your body too. If you are addicted with such habits then try to quit them as soon as you are planning to get pregnant.

Happy Ever

The best policy to stay fit during pregnancy is to live happy. Smile is the key of happiness so always keep smiling in any situation. Happiness gives you the positive energy which helps in providing the energy to the body. So, always keep smile and stay happy during the nine months of your pregnancy.

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