Skin Care Tips in Ayurveda

The crux of skin care tips in Ayurveda is based on a proper lifestyle and a healthy diet. Dosha is a prominent aspect of Ayurveda, as it signifies a body type. It is important to decipher one’s dosha in order to proceed with the Ayurveda skin care regime. As per Ayurveda when the doshas get irritated in some manner then acne takes place. Acne basically germinated when one consumes a few food items in excessive amounts such as oily foods, coffee, etc. According to the remedies based on Ayurveda, acne can be treated with a mixture of sandalwood powder, milk, and turmeric powder.

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Stress is often the major cause of wrinkles and it gives a weary appearance which is detested by many people. Ayurveda preaches the usage of milk, yogurt, and honey for keeping wrinkles at bay. The skin can get discolored due to many reasons and extreme exposure to the sun rays is the primary reason for this condition. A mixture made up of water and basil leaves can be effective in treating the area which is afflicted with skin discoloration. Most ayurvedic skin care routine believes in keeping the body free of toxins so that the skin can stay healthy naturally.

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When the body is subjected to unhealthy diets and lifestyles then the results can be seen on the skin in the form of acne, dark spots, etc. Consuming a glass of hot water mixed with some freshly squeezed lemon juice is a good method of cleansing the toxins that are present in the body. People who possess oily skin can consume this drink twice a day so that dirt cannot remain blocked in the skin.

Milk can be consumed to avoid the skin from getting excessively dry. In order to spruce up a plain glass of milk, you can add crushed almonds for added flavor. The body should get proper rest so that the skin care tips in Ayurveda can bear results as most of the skin care routines can flounder if the body remains exhausted. If a person remains stressed out throughout the day then its effect would definitely become visible on the skin through wrinkles and frown lines.

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Practicing yoga or meditation regularly can help a person deal with stress effectively. Ayurvedic skin care products can be beneficial for the skin as they consist of natural ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, sandalwood, etc which do not cause any side effects. 

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