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Skin Care Tips For Moles

Moles on the skin may be small large or medium in size.  They can be black, pale, red, pink, or brown in color.  They can be on the flat skin surface or they may be raised. A single mole is referred to as nevus and moles in the plural are referred to as nevi.  All of us have moles.  It is normal to have about 50 moles in your body.  Many of these moles are hardly visible to the eye when a child is born, but darken with age and become visible later in life.  Moles are found in any region of the body.

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What causes moles?

Cells that synthesize the dark pigment, melanin, are known as melanocytes.  Melanin determines the coloring of your hair and skin.  The coloring depends more on the activity of the melanin rather than its abundance.  Melanocytes are present all over the outer epidermis layer. When these melanocytes are present in a group or cluster they form a mole.

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As moles are common for all people they are allowed to be.  Some moles sprout hairs on the surface, some moles are bigger than normal while some moles are present on the face in a manner that they may appear unsightly.  In these cases, the moles can be easily removed.  

Removal of moles

There are different methods to remove moles.  If the size of the mole is bigger than normal, there is a likelihood of a certain amount of scarring.  To remove a mole without surgery, acid is deposited on the mole site to destroy the tissue by burning.

Surgical removal of moles may be by standard methods or by using laser technology.  

  • Cryosurgery involves the application of liquid nitrogen to the mole to get rid of it
  • Laser surgery simply involves directing the laser beam on the mole and destroying it completely
  • Both cryosurgery and laser surgery leaves behind almost no scars after the surgery
  • A simple procedure involves removing the layer of moles that can be seen and then removing the melanocytes below it with a scalpel
  • The layers of skin containing the mole are removed and then the melanocyte cells are got rid of by making use of an electric needle

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There are several OTC products including herbal preparations, which claim to remove the mole.  When you opt to buy them take care of the following

  • It is a product of repute and of good quality
  • The mole you are treating is just a mole and not  an indication of cancer
  • It is safe and will not result in unsightly scarring
  • It is formulated to remove the mole completely and not only the external layers

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Moles are quite often the indication of one of the several types of skin cancer like squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, or malignant melanoma.  You have to be cautious enough to detect the presence of cancer with these basic indications

  • Bleeding in the mole site
  • The mole suddenly increases in size
  • Abnormal size

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