Brees Mark and Hemangiomas

Similarity Between Drew Brees Mark and Hemangiomas

Drew Brees’s scar looks very similar to Hemangiomas, which are kinds of vascular birthmarks that are very common and present in children that are young. Hence, if an individual finds a spot going on the newborn daughter or son, the instant reaction is obviously alarm. But, if it is red and small, then there is nothing to worry about. Though, one should show it to the doctor as there are chances of hemangioma. These are actually the vascular birthmarks that are due to the growth of few extra blood vessels. These are very common, usually about one in every fifty babies.

Drew brees scar generally develops on the skin as red, flat lesions that keep growing over time. These Hemangiomas are divided into two types and they are cavernous and capillary. Cavernous is also known as deep hemangiomas as they grow under the skin and then bulge out, and skin turns out above giving a purple shade. Capillary is also known as superficial or strawberry hemangiomas they appear as red, raised growth on the surface of the skin. There are few growths that are both cavernous and capillary and are known as compound hemangiomas.


These birthmarks or the scar are not permanent ones like other scars. They generally appear once the baby is being born and initially shrinks and then slowly grows larger. Many of them disappear themselves, but sometimes they can take about ten years or more than that to happen. The Drew Brees scar is painless and harmless, but if it developed near an ear or eye then it can create few problems. Sometimes hemangiomas can be life-threatening as well; hence if the infant has one, one should see the doctor as it can be treated on time.

Hemangiomas are one of the mysteries of medicine and doctors have not been able to reach a conclusive cause yet. Though they are not genetically inherited, about ten percent of the babies with vascular birthmarks have one of the family members already having it. There has been no research that has been conclusive, which showed that during pregnancy the action of the mother had the child born with hemangioma. There are no such medications and foods taken during the pregnancy that cause hemangiomas in the newborn.

There is about 80 percent, who develop the Drew Brees scar on the neck and head. The others can have it anywhere as Drew Brees has it on his cheeks, some also have it internally. If they start growing in the wrong area, the baby can be affected from sight to breathing. If it develops on the eyelid it causes problems of the vision and if it grows near the mouth or throat it can cause difficulties when speaking, eating, or breathing. If it develops near the ear it can cause problems with hearing. This might look unsightly, but most of them are harmless and this can be touched without any baby cry, which indicates a good sign.

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