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Signs Of Infertility

The first concern about infertility arises when a woman fails to get pregnant even after many months of unprotected sex. To know for certain the indications of infertility is not simple, because the signs are varied and complicated. However, here is what can be termed as general signs of infertility. 

Amenorrhea As A Sign Of Infertility

When a woman does not have menstrual periods, this condition is termed amenorrhea. A woman does not have periods only (1) before puberty, (2) during pregnancy and (3) after menopause. Not having a menstrual cycle any other time is cause for concern and a probable sign of infertility. Reasons for amenorrhea could be listed as

  • Prolonged use of birth control pills
  • Problem in ovulation
  • Imbalance in hormonal secretion
  • Possibility of malformation in reproductive organ(s)
  • Health ailment in the central nervous system
  • Women with eating disorders may have very low body weight. This also may be a reason for amenorrhea 

Repeated miscarriages As A Cause For infertility

Miscarriages may occur due to various reasons like stress, strain, genetic reasons, anemia, incompetent diet plans during pregnancy, and so on. However, if the miscarriages occur repeatedly, there could be a problem in the reproductive system that needs diagnosis, investigation, and treatment.

Pelvic inflammatory disease As A Possible Cause For infertility

This health issue could lead to infertility because it is a bacterial infection that commences by affecting the uterus and slowly spreads to other parts of the reproductive system

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Endometriosis As A Cause For Infertility

It is seen that many women diagnosed with infertility have endometriosis. Literally meaning inside (endo) womb (metra), this is a disease that affects the uterine lining. When endometrial cells appear outside the uterine lining, they also respond to hormonal changes like the cells inside the womb. Symptoms of abnormalities thus become double and more severe, especially during the menstrual cycle. As endometriosis causes distortions in the anatomy of reproductive organs, infertility may become imminent.

Stenosis As A Cause For infertility

When the lower end of the uterus that extends into the vagina becomes narrower due to the formation of tumors or because of scarring, there is a possibility of infertility. This condition is termed Stenosis. 

Fibroids As A Cause For infertility 

Fibroids are actually benign tumors seen in women. Though most fibroids do not cause health concerns or severe symptoms, some types may lead to painful menstrual cycles, frequency in urination, and pain during intercourse.  Fibroids are also the cause of infertility in about three percent of women.

Fibroids become a cause for concern and lead to infertility if they get placed in such a way that the fallopian tubes are blocked or the embryo is impeded from implanting.

Consulting the health caregiver For Infertility

In the face of such signs of infertility, the symptoms that should prompt consultation with a health caregiver are

  • Failure to conceive after 12 or more months of unprotected sex
  • A history of endometriosis
  • Acute pain in the pelvic region
  • Painful menstrual periods
  • Low sperm count for a man

A couple has to accurately observe the symptoms and consult the health caregiver. The physician would be able to pinpoint the real cause of infertility, whether it is the man or his wife who needs to be treated ad decide on the procedures to be followed to culminate in a successful pregnancy for the woman.

 Infertility is the cause of a lot of pain and sadness in the life of a couple. There are several reasons for infertility. They are amenorrhea, painful menstrual periods, presence of fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic, inflammatory disease, low sperm count for the man, and so on.

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