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Shocking Myths and facts about pregnancy

Hello, all the preggers. Welcome to the new phase of your life. Pregnancy is a very beautiful part and no one can feel the same as like a pregnant lady feels from inside. But you know the pregnancy period is so much confusing too. Many of our nearer and dearer ones add a myth and sometimes facts also to our every action related to pregnancy. Check out some of the Pregnancy myths and facts which we often listen during our pregnancy:

Myth: A glass of Wine is good for health during pregnancy and it had no side effects on the baby in the womb.

Fact: Alcohol is not good for health during pregnancy. It had been researched that the mothers who have consumed alcohol during pregnancy increase the risk of having FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), congenital disabilities, brain, and cell damage.

Myth: A pregnant lady should take her meals according to two people. Her baby also needs a separate meal beside you.

Fact: This is not at all fact. The preggers just need extra calories to support baby development. However, the number of calories to be intake depends on the different body structure of a lady. But on average, a pregnant lady needs to take 300 extra calories apart from her daily meals.

Myth: This one is too interesting that the gender of the baby can be recognized by the shape of the stomach

Fact: How it can be possible? Low lying belly means having a boy and high lying belly means will have a girl. Do you really believe this? Please don’t. My baby bump was always high, even in the ninth month also but I am blessed with a baby boy. At one point I also started in believing all this myth and happy to think about baby girl. But this is not a fact at least in my case.

Myth: Exercise is not allowed during pregnancy as it will harm your pregnancy.

Fact: According to doctors, if you are having complication free pregnancy then you can do exercise to stay fit and active. Pregnancy is a part of life so enjoy it without making it colic.

Myth: Pregnancy Sex is harmful to your baby and it will break the head of the foetal.

Fact: I can share my experience that sex in pregnancy is awesome. The high blood flowing in the pelvic area increases your excitement to be intimate. It is advised that if you are having low lying placenta or weak body or any other complication then do ignore pregnancy sex or consult with your doctor. But in normal pregnancy, there is no harm to the baby if you make physical relations.

Myth: If your face is glowing then you will have a baby girl and a darker colour is the result of a baby boy in the womb.

Fact: The glow of the face depends on the things you eat, the amount of blood in your body and the lifestyle you spend. If you are a working woman then your day will be full of hectic and stress which will make your body and face weak and dull. This doesn’t mean that you will have the baby boy. This myth was also wrong in my case.

Myth:  One of the big Myth that eating ghee and butter during pregnancy will help you to deliver baby smoothly normal and easy.

Fact: Keep one thing in your mind that your delivery depends on the size, position and health of your baby. There is no link with the quantity of Ghee or butter. If you will consume excessive ghee during pregnancy, then it might happen that you have to suffer from high blood pressure or thyroid.

Myth: If you have not delivered the baby at the end of the 9th  month and your 10th had started, then it is that there is a girl in the womb who don’t want to come outside so quickly

Fact: Do you believe this? Please don’t because there is nothing like that. No sense of this myth. I delivered a baby boy after passing 8 days of the 10th month. I don’t know who had created such stupid myths of pregnancy.

Myth: Food Carvings can identify the gender of your baby. If you have to carve to at sweet things there will be a girl and if you love to eat spicy and salty foods simply indicates boy in the womb.

Fact: According to research, the carving depends on the mood and health of the woman. There is no relation between the carvings and gender of the baby. This one is too shocking really.

Myth: Itching will give you the stretch Marks. But if you will use the creams and oils on your belly from the first day of your pregnancy then you will not have to experience the pregnancy stretch marks.

Fact: The stretch marks depend on the body of the preggers. However, the using of moisturizers can give you relief from itching but it doesn’t mean that you will not have the pregnancy stretch marks. You can take the example of a balloon. When you blow air in the balloon it looks beautiful but when you release the air from it, does it look the same as like it was looking when it was not used. Think about it and do the experiment. You will understand the reason for having stretch marks for 9 months.

These are some of the very common myth of pregnancy which you have started hearing as soon as you get pregnant. Try to ignore all these types of various other myths. Enjoy your pregnancy as like you want to enjoy. If you face any problem then consult it with the doctor. Don’t merge your problems and myths with each other.


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