Sexual Positions For Conception

Sexual Positions For Conception

A woman gets pregnant when the male sperm enters the woman’s vagina and on its way to the uterus up the fallopian tube, meets with the egg. To enable this movement of sperm, sexual positions play a key role. For conceiving, the male sperm has to reach as near to the female cervix as possible. The quality of the sperm has to be good as well. There are various positions explored by humans as well as documented by various ancient texts such as the Kama sutra which gives you a chance to get pregnant. Pregnancy can happen while having sexual intercourse in any position such as standing, lying down, woman on top, man on top, sitting on a chair, etc but not limited to these.

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The important consideration in choosing a sexual position to get pregnant is to avoid those positions that give the cervix the least chance to receive the sperm. Generally, it is advisable to avoid positions that defy gravity such as standing up, sitting down, or with the woman on top as the semen may not stay in the vaginal cavity. For conceiving, it is best to limit the amount of sperm that flows out of the vagina.

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The sexual position which is considered as most effective for good sex is the ‘Missionary position. This position is where a man enters the woman’s vagina from the top and is also known as the Crab position. A circular motion can also be applied to help the woman arrive at a great and profound orgasm. Technically it is known as the coital alignment position and is not only suited to aid conception, but during the sexual act, this position can highly stimulate the clitoris, and often cause a massive clitoral orgasm. Once the sperm is ejaculated into the woman’s womb, the orgasm and strong contraction propel the sperm towards the fallopian tubes. This position presents the best chances of getting pregnant as it limits the amount of sperm that flows out of the vagina.

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Another good position is ‘Lying side by side. This position too gives good exposure of the male sperm to the female cervix and increases the chances of pregnancy.

Performing sex by elevating the hips can be achieved by placing a pillow under the hip of the woman. As the man releases his sperms, the exposure to the cervix is good in this position.

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The Rear-Entry Position is when the man enters into the woman’s vagina from behind her. This is also a recommended position as the sperm in this case is deposited very close to the cervix, thus increasing the chances of conception. This style is also called ‘Doggy style’ and is a very effective position simply because it allows for deep penetration which is essential for direct dissemination of the sperm into the woman’s inner reproductive system.

Another interesting position is in which the womenswear by lying on men’s back and “bicycling” in the air with their legs for a few minutes immediately after having sexual intercourse. The force of gravity helps the sperm swim towards the egg.

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Finally, there are a lot of researches that suggest the importance of the female orgasm in conceiving. To achieve a perfect orgasm, one should not limit himself/herself to the above-mentioned positions. Be creative and co-operate with each other to develop your own position which gives you and your partner a most satisfying the fruitful sexual experience.

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