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Boost your intimacy mood during pregnancy

Pregnancy makes a woman more sexy, beautiful and attractive towards their husband. Sometimes the couples indulge in physical love but some sexy touches suddenly made them think about their unborn baby in the womb. Numerous queries about sex during pregnancy come in mind and make them confuse to make out the love or not. But do you know that making physical relation during pregnancy is very safe and even it has many benefits on a pregnant lady? So, let’s have a clear talk about being close to each other on the bed while your partner is pregnant.

Tips to sex during pregnancy

Being close to your hubby while you are pregnant gives you an emotional strength but only if it is done with safely. So let’s have a look at some of the major situation which will tell you about the safety of physical relation during pregnancy.

  • Enjoy in slow motion

Pregnancy is the time in which you have to delete the word WILD from your dictionary. Pregnancy sex itself says to be slow without any pressure on the women’s abdomen. As a couple, you both have to support each other’s feelings and desire to intimate. So, be romantic, caring and supportive while making a physical relationship with a pregnant wife.

  • Appreciate her body

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes with many changes in her body. The sore breast, belly fat, swollen body etc, due to hormonal changes. Never make fun of your wife and feel her bad of her body. This may make her feel guilty with herself and that is not a good thing for your relationship. Sex is not just a need of the body. It is the way to express love for each other. So, shower your love feelings on her instead of embarrassing your pregnant wife. 

  • Enjoy the second trimester

The second trimester is the safest time to make love with your partner. During the first trimester, the women’s normally feel morning sickness, tiredness and pains all over the body. During this period they are actually not ready to indulge in any type of physical relation. But After three months almost all the women feel good and also urge to have sex after a long time. However, the third trimester is also safe but you have to compromise with a huge baby bump. So, enjoy the second trimester to avoid any types of hazards. 

  • Relaxation foreplay

There is a huge difference in the foreplay done before and after pregnancy. Before pregnancy, you foreplay to excite your partner but during pregnancy, you have to think about many things. You will touch her body in the manner that they also get relaxation. The foot massage, back massage will stimulate their hormones. The love bites will change into love kisses. During pregnancy, the women attract more to the person who cares for them. This is also applicable during the foreplay. The more you will care, the better you will get.

  • Lack of knowledge

Sometimes couples avoid sex during pregnancy because of a lack of knowledge about the exact position of the baby and the condition of the uterus. It is an old saying that sex will harm the baby’s head but this is a total myth. The woman’s body is made in such a way that her baby is fully protected in the uterus. The cervix remains closed till the delivery date comes and it is not possible for the men’s genitals to enter n it to harm the baby. Put it in your mind that sexual activity cannot harm the baby until and unless if the pregnancy is without any complications.

  • Right positions

The sex position plays a vital role in making love while pregnancy. There are many safe positions which you can try for comfortable sex. Take the use of pillows and cushions for better performance.

  • Technical Love

We are living around many technologies so why not to indulge the technology in our love relation. You can text the lovely appreciating and sexy messages to your wife to make her mind dirty enough to give you the sexy night rewards. This will make you closer to your wife even when physically you are not with her.

  • Lubricant is necessary

The dryness of the vagina during pregnancy is very common. So, instead of hurting your pregnant wife, use the lubricants to avoid dryness and make the moment more pleasurable.

Benefits of pregnancy Sex 

The pregnancy sex is good if the pregnant lady is having healthy days. There are many benefits of making out love during pregnancy which many ladies have experienced. have a look at some of the major benefits.

  • It is said that pregnancy sex helps in easy delivery. The intimacy contract the pelvic floor which helps in strengthens the muscles which play a vital role in pushing down the baby during delivery.
  • Good sex also helps in strengthens98* the muscles which are responsible for the flow of urine. The tighten muscles will also lessen your frequently urine urge.
  • The orgasm increases the blood flow in the body which is very good for both the baby and mother. The fetus in the womb gets an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrition for growth and development.
  • The physical relation between couples makes their bonding strong which is very important during pregnancy. It also helps in decreasing the stress level of preggies and keeps their mood good enough for a healthy pregnancy.
  • It is also seen that sex during pregnancy also helps in boosting the confidence level of a pregnant lady. It makes them happy and confident that their changing body does not affect her husband’s love.
  • A good orgasm during pregnancy helps in the postpartum recovery. The advantage of sex during pregnancy is not less than doing Kegal exercise while you are pregnant. Both have the same benefits to strengthen the pelvic muscles during and after delivery.


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