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Secret Pregnancy fears of Preggies

Are you afraid of labor pains or your changing bodies or for the health of your baby or something else? This is not the story of yours but all the ladies are worried and had fear of many things related to Pregnancy. But do you think that fear is the solution to anything? No, not at all, because if once you have conceived then you have to face all the ups and downs of the entire nine months. 

The pregnancy Fears are natural and very common and if we cannot do anything about it. But don’t over think about your fears because it may cause harm to your baby because of the high-stress level. Be calm and enjoy the god gifted nine months with your hubby, friends and family members.

Have a look at some of the similar pregnancy fears for which almost all preggies start to think as soon as they conceive the baby:

  • Baby’s health

Fear: A pregnant woman’s topmost fear is about her baby’s health in the womb. She often thinks that what will happen if my baby will have some types of a birth defect. If he will be not properly developed or will mentally retarded. There is no end of thinking such things and to be a worry for own baby is a very obvious thing.

Solution: Try to avoid the news which shows baby deficiency during pregnancy. Sometimes we listen to any such kind of talks and start relating that with our own baby. As much as possible ignore such talks. 

  • Miscarriage

Fear: As Miscarriage in ladies is very common so this fear is very genuine. During my pregnancy, I was always in a fear of my eating habits that whether any of my eatables will cause miscarriage. But that was the crucial time which made us think in such a way.

Solution: Instead of stay in tension all the time, try to take care of yourself properly. Eat healthily or you can prepare a diet chart by taking instruction from your doctor.

  • Painful Delivery

Fear: The one who has planned for normal delivery had a big fear of the labor pains and delivery. However, it is so painful but it is the stage of the last moment of our pregnancy. So, don’t over think about the pains for about nine months and stay in fear for entire pregnancy periods.

Solution: One of the best solutions for painful fears is to stay unknown about pains. Do not watch the normal delivery video on social media because it really makes us be feel tensed. The pains shout, bleeding, pushing scene, injections and other doctors equipment will let you down to deliver the baby. I did the mistake and at one point I started to think that baby you stay in my tummy, I am happy to carry you in my womb instead of facing such pains and horrible scenes.

  • Cord Fear

Fear: This fear is too funny but really many women think about it that what will happen if my baby will tangle fully in the cord. The women often think that if she will do any workout or even walking will tighten the baby’s body if he is tangled in the cord. 

Solution: First let me tell you that cord is not too big that your baby’s full body can tangle in it. The cords tangle but only a single part of the body. Secondly, if you are really worried about this fear then do ultrasounds and check the position and situation of cord in the womb.

  • Weight Gain

Fear: Pregnant women often think about the disadvantages of gaining lots of weight after delivery. They want to be conscious but the changing hormones are increasing their weight and making body chubbier. There are many ladies who come in shape after delivery but some of the women have to suffer from obesity. So, fear is very genuine and natural.

Solution: You can continue your basic workouts like walking or stretching as soon as you get pregnant. Do consult with your doctor to know about your pregnancy condition and ask the doctor to suggest some best exercise according to your pregnancy. A little bit gaining of postpartum weight is natural which will also put down according to time. So, do not worry about weight and have fun eating your cravings during pregnancy.

  • New responsibilities

Fear: Pregnant women oftenthinks that will she be able to hold on all the responsibilities very well. A woman has to manage many genuine roles in her entire life like a good mother, wife, and her professional career and so on. This is really a new challenge in the life of new mothers. 

Solution: This is very typical but you have to manage your life with proper planning. The next thing to come up with this new challenge is the support of your family and specially your husband. If you are a working mother then your hubby has to understand your situation and help you out with many works. The baby’s responsibility is not only yours but your husband should also take care of the baby while you were busy in doing work. The solution of this fear isa mutual understanding between couples.

  • Water break in public

Fear: This fear is too funny to think but yes it can happen in public place. Your amniotic fluid will take your permission to break down. It can break at any time or any place. However the possibility of such a situation is very less but still, preggies have a hundred thoughts in her mind and this one is one of them.

Solution: There is no exact solution for the problem but you can avoid going at unnecessary places during your last week of pregnancy. If by chance it break in public then immediately go to the hospital because the time has came to deliver the baby. Dot panic at the moment.

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