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Secondary Infertility: what is it?

Introduction: Secondary infertility is the inability to carry a second child in a woman’s womb due to various reasons. The sperm count of men is impaired due to tension or age factors, or complications may arise from the first pregnancy, that can cause secondary infertility. There are ample cases where the couples find it difficult to become parents the second time. Generally, almost 85% of women who have conceived once can gestate again. Sometimes, it is really mysterious why a woman who has carried a fetus once in her womb, has suddenly become infertile?

National Center for Health Statistics says that generally young couple who are parents to their first child doesn’t find it a big task to be parents again. It is equally true that there are so many people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments for begetting another child. If you are one among them, visit your nearest health care provider. She will advise you regarding secondary infertility that hampers your chances of becoming parents, again.

The possible reasons for secondary infertility are the following:

  1. Age factor: When you become 35 or more of age, you tend to lose eggs more rapidly than when you were less than 30 years. It should come as no surprise to any woman that above 35, it is difficult to conceive. The eggs in the ovary are formed when you were in your mother’s womb. They are lost vigorously when you are in your late 30’s. The age factor is not the one vital reason for secondary infertility. It turns out to be the reason in the majority of the cases. During this period, your body will witness sudden hormonal changes that lead to infertility. Moreover, your body is more exposed to the risk of contracting many diseases at this age. If you are in your mid 30’s, and still can’t become pregnant again, don’t panic. The lady luck can knock your doors, any day.
  2. Sperm count: The most common reason for low sperm count in men, maybe, due to age factors, medications for particular diseases or when your tests get heated. As Austin says, the tests are structured to be away from the body to avoid them from getting overheated. Overexposure of the male reproductive organ to heat due to wearing skin tight jeans, or whatever can cause a significant decrease in the sperm count. This might result in secondary infertility in most of the cases.
  3. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: This is another big reason for secondary as well as infertility in general in women. When you have irregular periods or don’t have periods at all, consult your health provider. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a medical condition that causes irregular cycles in women. This can, eventually, lead to secondary infertility.
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  4. Overweight: When any one or both the couples are above the average weight, it becomes extremely difficult to conceive. Overweight causes sugar levels to rise up in the case of women. Their body will produce more testosterone that will disturb ovulation. It can be equally dangerous for men as an increase in the estrogen level can kill some of the sperms in your body.
  5. Don’t booze too much: If you are a social drinker, that’s fine. Having more than 6 glasses per week can hamper your chances of getting pregnant, in most of the cases. Same is the case with men too. Having alcohol regularly can make them infertile. Worse is the case when women deliver a frail baby due to the habit of drinking excess alcohol.
  6. Stop puffing on tobacco: Everyone knows smoking is very bad for health. It is even worse for those who are trying to conceive. If you are a regular smoker, you would be trapped in the vicious circle of depression because you don’t get pregnant. Men also have to quit smoking or sometimes the number of times they puff in tobacco, because it may reduce sperm count, significantly.
  7. Last birthing problems: Sometimes, birthing can be great stress because you might have faced complications in delivering your first baby. This will cause damage in the Fallopian tube, an infection in the uterus, causing infertility. If you have had a cesarean, it is possible that you may damage your tissue causing scars. This may be another reason for secondary infertility in women.
  8. Health reasons: Physical, as well as mental fitness, is very much essential to get pregnant. After the first pregnancy, you or your husband might have diabetes or any other physical problem hampering your chances to get pregnant again. The thought that you can’t become pregnant again can lead to depression causing secondary infertility in couples.

Conclusion: In short, secondary infertility is increasingly spreading across the globe. Health practitioners attribute different reasons for the same. In some cases, everything appears normal, but the reasons can’t be diagnosed. It is true that the pressure to conceive reduce in the case of the second child. But there are many couples who consider their family is incomplete without a second child. If you feel difficult to conceive after a wait of 4 to 5 years, consult your doctor to wipe out the reasons for secondary infertility.

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