Sagging Face Skin

Sagging Face Skin

Most people have no other choice other than to take the help of surgery or facelifts or even stoop down to pills and anti-aging creams. Some even go to the more extreme step of injecting themselves with “Botox”. Botox is a powerful neurotoxin that has the ability to moderately reduce wrinkles and sag in facial skin. This treatment has many ill effects too. These injections repair the skin temporarily and surgeries are permanent and the damages that take place in surgery are also permanent and do not allow you to age gracefully.

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However, you can always prevent such occurrences by keeping the muscles on the face well developed and always active by maintaining a strict routine and consuming food that is rich in antioxidants that reduce the number of free radicals that damage the skin.

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Exercises rejuvenate the body and the face is no exception to this rule, you could follow a strict routine to prevent yourself from aging. Here are a few exercises that you could employ to make the sagging skin of your face firm without having to undergo elaborate procedures that at one point of time or the other prove to be unsuccessful:

  • You can stand in front of a mirror every morning and fill your mouth completely with air, with the lips tightly shut, slowly move the air from left to right for up to 20seconds. This causes the muscles of the cheek to be more developed and also causes the complexion to glow because of increased circulation.
  • You can also raise both eyebrows for 10seconds and then slowly bring them down; this relaxes the forehead and also prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  • Push your fingers upwards from just below the eyes as it causes the tension in the muscles to reduce drastically.
  • You can also run your fingers all over your face in little circles, as this tends to improve the circulation of blood in the face, making the facial muscles more active and also rejuvenates the skin.
  • It is also useful to tap the skin with your fingers as this increases circulation.
  • Take the lips into your mouth and hold it firmly and take a long deep breath and hold it for up to 7 seconds and then slowly breathe out so that you relax all the muscles in the lips.
  • Run your hands upwards against the chin as this helps in reducing the flab under the chin. This should be done vigorously and should be repeated a number of times until you feel really satisfied.
  • Another useful tip is to smile and hold it and then release after 10 counts as this also helps in strengthening the muscles of the face.
  • A more easy way of exercising the face is to regularly chew gum as chewing gum makes the jaw muscles firm and also helps in reducing the flab on the under the chin.

These were just a few exercises you could make use of to reduce the sagging of facial skin.

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