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Safe Intimacy Period to avoid pregnancy

Hello all new mommies and daddies, welcome back on to get the information about how to enjoy the unprotected sex by avoiding the pregnancy. As soon as you start the family planning and want to avoid the pregnancy, the first thing comes in mind that “Will the sex with protection give pleasure’? Or “should enjoy the intimacy during safe periods! But how to know which period is safe? There is a number of questions come in couples mind related to sex. So, let’s set a goal to finish all the queries of the couples. Boost your intimacy mood during pregnancy.

Sex is a very natural thing and it is a need of a body. Mostly, the new parents want to do the family planning so their newborn babies should get the proper care and attention. As we all know that the medicines and tablets are not good options for precaution. The only way to enjoy sex without any tension of pregnancy is the Safe period sex. So, let’s have a discussion on some of the basic queries of the couples who are confused with the safe sex period:

What do you mean by safe period?

Safe period is known to those days of your menstrual cycle in which there are fewer chances of getting pregnant. The days in which women are not fertile is the safe days in which the couples can enjoy the sex without any protection. But always keep remembering that the safe period of all the women depends on their body and menstrual cycle. The safe period method to prevent pregnancy is also known as Fertility Awareness Method “FAM” or the Rhythm method. Sometimes these FAM is also used to track the ovulation period to get pregnant. These methods can work for both things.

How the Fertility Awareness Method depends on the menstrual cycle?

The woman’s menstrual cycle is made up of 28-32 days‎. The best menstrual is said to be of 28 days. In this days the menstrual cycle depends have a different phase which decides which stage is best for being pregnant and which is good to avoid pregnancy.

The three stages of the menstrual cycle are:

Follicular phase: This is the first day of your period which lasts for 12-14 days. This phase is also known as the pre-ovulatory phase. During this period the Follicle stimulation hormones produce the Follicles which contains an immature egg and in this period the eggs keep on maturing.

Ovulation period: The next stage is the ovulation phase which starts from the 12th day of the menstrual cycle. In this phase, the Follicle releases the mature egg which moves towards the fallopian tube. This is the most fertile period and the possibility of pregnancy increases in this phase. The body of a woman produces estrogen, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, FSH and luteinizing hormone – everything required to set the stage for the egg to meet the sperm. A mature egg has a lifespan of 1 day and if no sperm comes in contact with the egg, it will die.

Luteal Phase: The Luteal phase is responsible to maintain the eggs if they have met the sperms. During this stage, the eggs remain in the ovary. The progesterone makes the uterus wall thicker. If pregnancy does not happen, the follicle dies stopping the production of progesterone. This will start the shedding of the uterus lining, which is periods.

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How to calculate the safe sex period to avoid pregnancy?

The Menstrual cycle starts with the first day of your period until the first day of your next period. The first 7 days of your periodic cycle is safe as because the eggs are still immature. The starting days is a safe period to avoid pregnancy. Just like that, the period after the 21 days is also considered as the safe days because the mature eggs destroy if it does not come in contact with sperms because it has an only 1-day life span. You can also track the record of your menstrual cycle on many of the online safe period’s calculators.

What is the body sign when it is ovulation period?

As we all know that with the ups and downs of the hormones our body also reacts differently. So, if you will notice your body’s sign during ovulation you will get to know the period when you can get pregnant. During that period avoid unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. Check out some of the other methods which can be useful to detect the ovulation period:

  • The basal body temperature increases a little bit when the body is ovulating. You can check it by thermometer if you feel that your body temperature is high.
  • Track the color of the cervical mucus every day and you will notice a change in color of the mucus if the body is ovulating.
  • Along with the body temperature and cervical mucus’s color tries to determine the other symptoms such as abdominal pain, heaviness in the stomach and tenderness in breasts.
  • The cycle bead method is a type of calculator which can be made by moving a rubber ring over a cycle of colored beads colored according to the different stage of your menstruation cycle.

How much effective is this method?

This is a very effective method and the women from decades using this method to prevent pregnancy as before there was no other precautions are easily available. But this is effective if you have an accurate period cycle of 28-32 days. However, we cannot assure it 100% reliable method as because sometimes the unwanted pregnancy also happens due to imbalances of hormones. So, once track your period, the other ovulation symptoms and consult with the doctor to know that which is your safe period to conceive or to prevent the pregnancy.

Can this safe period method be proved wrong?

Yes, it can also be proved wrong because of the period’s irregularity. If your periods are continuously fluctuating and not fixed in between 28-32 days then you can face the unwanted pregnancy. If last 4 of your menstrual cycles are less than 28 days then you should not follow this method. Second thing, we cannot assure our hormones that they will always react the same ways every month. Apart from these if you had a baby and got the first period after delivery or you are near to menopause then do not follow this cycle as because it will not work well with your body.

Advantages of using the FAM to avoid pregnancy

  • This is no cost-effective method. Some of the things like calendars and thermometers are easily available.
  • No device is to be used inside your body which may high the risk of infection.
  • There are no side effects on the body as like taking medicines and pill.

Disadvantages of the method

  • It is 100% effective and you can face the unwanted pregnancy.
  • Sometimes couples misguide themselves in between the menstrual days.
  • Hormones can imbalance and you can get pregnant.
  • It is not always possible to track the periods.

Things to remember using the FAM

  • Always keep in mind that this is not a 100% reliable method. You can also get pregnant, so even if you missed your periods then do the pregnancy test and consult with your doctor.
  • This method is for the ladies whose menstrual cycle is between 28-32 days. If the cycle is less than 28 or more than 32 ten this is not a safe method for you.
  • If your menstrual cycle days vary by more than 8 days in a six month period then the calculation will not be able to tell you about the exact safe days.
  • In case if you feel that you can conceive then you can take the pills to avoid pregnancy after doctor’s prescription.


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