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Right time for second pregnancy planning

Hello all mommies and daddies, are you willing to plan for a second child but getting confused with the correct time? Or you don’t know what exactly how much gap should be given in between both the child? Or something else queries is popping up in your mind. So, if you want the second baby but need some guidance then you are most welcome for reading this article as today we are going to discuss some of the very basic things of our life to become good and caring parents for both the babies.

There are many women who have planned their second baby with the gap of one year while there are many who enjoyed the first baby’s development for three or more years and then planned for the second one. This is totally the choice of particular parents that when they want the second baby. Every couple’s need, desire, and most important physical health is different from each other. So, don’t compare your pregnancy timings with others. Instead of comparing with others there are certain things which you should keep in mind while planning for the second baby. Check out some of them:


Giving birth to a child is said to be the rebirth of a mother also. So, the first concern for second pregnancy planning is your physical health. If you feel that you are fit and absolutely fine and recovered from your first pregnancy then you can plan for the second one. According to doctors, the C-section delivery woman should plan the second baby for three years because it may take time to recover the uterus stitches to carry the baby in the womb.

Female Age

Age is another factor for being pregnant because the quality of sperms depends on it. Sometimes the women with older age are unable to conceive because of the low-quality egg. Even the uterus also become weak to carry the baby for the nine months and thus results in miscarriage. It is said that after 30-35 many women face problems in getting pregnant. So, if your age is around 30 then it is better to plan the second pregnancy quickly with a doctor’s recommendation.

Male Age

As like women the men also bounded with the age of approximately 35 to produce good quality sperms. So, fathers don’t let your age to down the quality of your sperms. Plan the sibling for your baby as soon as your wife gets recover with the first pregnancy.


We don’t know how far this is true but yes the man who becomes a father at an older age will likely to have the daughters. Scientifically this is said that the man who is older in age carry more X chromosome in their sperms.

Financial situation

This is very true that having a new member in the family will obviously increase the expense and the budget of the month will be changed. However, this is not that much effective but for the middle-class family, it means a lot. So, be sure with your financial condition and then plan the second baby only if you can fulfill the needs of both the child.


If you have any helping support from your family and you think that your elder baby will get proper care from them then go for the second pregnancy soon. The helping hands during pregnancy and delivery and after delivery also is very much needed. This is the real support which a woman gets while she is pregnant

Problems during pregnancy

Here we are talking about the natural problems which a woman have to face during pregnancy like morning sickness, fatigue, tiredness, laziness, and many other such issues. If you think that you can handle your first baby along with all these things then go for the second pregnancy. But if you have any doubts then wait for a year more and make him habitual to manage some basic things without you.

Care of the first baby

It is normally seen that with the born of second child the care for the first baby decreases a little bit. Make sure with your partner that he will give his full time to the elder baby so that he cannot feel alone when you stay in bed after delivery. Make sure that your baby gets the same care and attention as like before your second delivery.

Sibling Bond

If you really want that both the kids play along together and share a strong connection with each other then don’t be late in planning the second pregnancy. The less age gap will bring both kids close to each other.


Having babies in life is very important but along with them the independence of women is also compulsory. There is no doubt that the babies bound their parents in many things such as late night parties, drinking, disc, and even the movie watching. So, if you want your freedom as soon as possible then plan for the second baby early so that both the babies grow up together and you will save your at least 2-3 years. 

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Age Gap Formula between siblings

As we all have discussed that under what condition you have to make a plan for the second baby, but the most important matter of concern is the age gap between the siblings. Some want to plan the pregnancy very quickly just after their first pregnancy. But some want some space for the first child so that they can give them proper care and attention. Check out the effect of having babies with a different age gap of siblings:

12-18 months gap

The less age gap siblings tend to build a stronger bond as compared to other siblings. There is no sense of jealousy is seen in the elder one because he thinks that the newborn baby is his playing partner.

But as there is always a bad side, so the less age gap can harm the mother’s health because she had not been recovered properly with the first delivery and have to fight again with the pregnancy morning sickness problems. The sleepless nights, breastfeeding, indigestion, fatigue and many more things will come back soon and will result in anxiety, depression, and irritation.

It is also said that the less age gap in pregnancy can lead to many problems with the baby such as pre-term birth, small gestational age, and low birth weight

2 years Gap

According to the World Health Organization, a gap of at least 24 months should be there between your first and second child. This is an ideal time to plan for the second baby. The health of a mother will be get fully recovered and she will get extra energy to handle the two babies together. Even this is the stage when the elder baby will also understand in sharing the feeling with the newborn. If 24 months gap is not possible to maintain then a minimum gap of 18 months should be maintained in any case.

3 years or more Gaps

The 3 years gap is also the ideal age gap between the siblings. However, the elder one will understand that he is bigger than the newborn and will share less bonding. But this age gap is good for mothers. A woman will get her health recovery properly and even she will be free from breastfeeding, pampering of babies and many other responsibilities. the parents will be prepared to care for both the child properly and give them equal attention.

But if you are planning for more than 3-4 years then might you will get problems in conceiving a baby because of low-quality sperms and eggs. Even doctors say that a long age gap between pregnancies can cause many health risks to women’s body such as hypertension, kidney disorders, and even diabetes.

So, plan your second pregnancy according to your need and desires and when both of you feels it comfortable to handle both the babies together. All the best for your Second pregnancy. 


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