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Right Guidance For Babies Hair Care

It is a well-known fact that infants and babies have little hair on their heads. Thus, it is easy to forget the care that should be offered to it. It is common to see babies not liking their hair being washed as it makes them feel uncomfortable. It is the responsibility of the adults to take efforts for making the experience of shampooing hair a comfortable one. 

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The first hair on the head of babies tends to be soft and requires gentle care. But after some months, this soft hair falls; the new hair that grows has better texture and is also quite thick. Anyway, hair care and maintenance do not depend upon the quantity of hair. The head has to be as clean for maintaining good personal hygiene. The basic point to be noted while cleaning the hair of babies is to be gentle.

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It is not necessary to wash the hair daily as there is less hair and so lesser probability of attracting and retaining dust from the surrounding atmosphere. You should make sure that the tangles of the hair are treated with care to avoid causing pain for the baby. While adults can choose any shampoo that suits their hair, the shampoo choice for babies is limited. After application, the shampoo can mix with water and reach the eyes of babies. Babies are not aware of the shampoo reaching their eyes. Thus, to prevent irritation of the eyes, you must choose a mild baby shampoo.

It is important to take additional precautions if your baby’s hair is curly or prone to tangling. For this, you must gently detangle the hair before shampooing so that it becomes easy to wash the hair. This way, the baby will not feel much discomfort. You must also put the baby at ease by talking and making him feel comfortable. With a little patience and with the baby getting used to hair wash, the overall experience of washing hair will become less uncomfortable.

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Choosing Right Shampoo For My Hair

After washing the hair, you should allow the hair to dry naturally. You should pay special attention to not causing hair damage while combing the baby’s hair. The chance of damage is high when there are tangles. You can use a gentle comb that has a wide tooth for easing the tangles. Do not use narrow toothed combs as they will get caught in the tangles and cause pain for the baby. The styling of the hair should ensure that the hair does not fall over the eyes of the babies causing discomfort and distraction.

As the baby grows and when it is time to trim the hair, you must first find a suitable time. You can also consider doing the haircut when the child is already relaxed and seems ready for the experience. You must regularly oil the baby’s hair so that the hair and scalp do not remain dry. Do not tie the baby’s hair in a ponytail to prevent pain and discomfort.

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