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Relationship Trouble: Some Common Signs

Life partners can stop the trouble in their relationship by watching for warning signs and the outcomes from them. A few of the signs which shoot up trouble waves in a relationship are below mentioned.

Communication is negative or bad. Communication plays a vital role in any relationship. When it goes down everything including ‘romance’ will suffer.

Resentment: No matter what is the reason, but the negative emotions are too bad in the relationship.

Always Taking GrantedDoes Your Partner Take You For Granted

Jealousy: Like resentment, jealousy is also one of the signs that show trouble in a relationship. No partner should have jealousy, this ruins their relationship.

Nagging: An effective sign for shower waves in a relationship. If any of the partners are nagging about trivial issues, it may cause trouble and tension in their relationship.

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In a relationship, power struggles: This in fact stands prominent which is a sure shot in spoiling your relationship. While taking some decisions make sure that none of the partners should feel dominating over the other.


Money being a major issue causes anger and tension to arise in relationships.

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No Time: Spending more time with others than from each other causes trouble in a relationship. Spending together quality time can heal troubled relationships.

 Alcohol: Any relationship can cause serious damage when either person abuses after consuming drugs or alcohol.

If at all both the partners lose their temper on regular basis, this may cause serious trouble in the relationship. Compromising and taking a deep breath is important before we say hurtful things to the partner.

Demonstrate failure in order to support relationship growth: The partners feel jealous of each other’s success which threatens each other throughout the relationship, this is the major sign that shows trouble in a relationship.

Selfishness: This is focused on what we are getting and what we are giving. Here the partners are too selfish one does something for the other.

Constant resistance to taking responsibility by oneself and one action is the Signs that show trouble in a relationship.

The worse part is forgetting the vows of marriage whether not married or married is the Signs that show trouble in a relationship.


Focusing on end relationships is the signs that show trouble in a relationship. If the partner constantly thinks when there is an end in a relationship may lead to a high ‘destructive’ sign in the relationship.

The relationship comes to an end when there is no respect from each other which is truly a sad one.

Sneakiness is the Signs that show trouble in a relationship. Trust plays a vital role in any good relationship. When one does not trust their partner, it is difficult to lead a good life after marriage.

Mutual strength builds strong relationships which include companionship and support. The partner should always add value to our life by encouraging, motivating, support, and strengthening us. If at all the partners think that they’re losing nothing by ending a relationship, then it is not worth saving the relationship.

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