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Real Taste With Loose Leaf Green Tea

Green tea has become a favorite beverage for many of us. And the most common way to brew a cup of green tea is by dipping a tea bag into a cup of hot water. This is how more than seventy percent of the green tea drinkers, brew their tea. This method of brewing is chosen because it consumes less time and many people do not have sufficient knowledge about the amazing flavor that can be obtained by brewing loose leaf green tea. If you want proof of this statement then simply conduct an experiment at home. Brew a cup of tea with loose leaf green tea and get another cup of tea made with tea bags. You will notice a wide range of differences in the taste of both the tea. And you will surely vote for loose leaf green tea due to its immaculate taste.

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Since the tea bags have limited space, water cannot completely percolate through the constituent of the tea bags, and as a result, most of the flavor of the tea remains trapped in the tea bag itself. But this is not the case with loose leaf green tea. With an adequate amount of water, the loose leaf green tea gets the scope to spread its essence and flavor properly, and while drinking loose leaf green tea we can experience the difference.

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There is a lot of speculation about the advantages of loose leaf green tea over conventional teabags. According to some people, teabags contain very low-quality green tea in them and this is the reason that its taste is nothing compared to the loose-leaf green tea. The real taste of green tea can only be experienced with loose leaf green tea. It might take time to prepare loose leaf green tea, but once you get accustomed to its taste then you will not mind spending a couple of minutes preparing it. In China, they have a special ceremony dedicated to green tea, where everybody gets to revitalize their senses by drinking loose leaf green tea. By devoting a little bit of time, we can introduce our taste buds to the world of loose leaf green tea.

Another important aspect of loose leaf green tea is that it requires proper storage. If the storage condition goes haywire, then the flavor of the tea will be compromised. You should store the loose leaf green tea away from the sun rays because the ultraviolet rays can make the tea leaves lose their color and fragrance. An air-tight container is necessary for storing loose leaf green tea because if the leaves come in contact with air, which will propel oxidation, then the tea will be devoid of any flavor.

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Drinking loose leaf green tea at home can be a cheaper option than drinking tea at a posh food chain. If you buy more quantities of loose green leaf tea, then you can get them at wholesale rates and save a lot of money.

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