Raise Extraordinary Kids: Top 8 Practical Tips for Responsible and Competent Kids

The idea of what is called as responsibility is not something that the kids are born with but is acquired as and when the kids grow. Therefore, it is necessary that the kids are introduced and thought about it as early as possible so that they slowly incorporate a sense of responsibility in their daily life.

Kids often love doing things that are fun therefore they might often find it boring to do tasks that are a part of their responsibilities since they might find it quite boring. It takes some amount of maturity from the kids’ side to inculcate this concept within themselves.

Here are some of the handiest tips for Indian parents to raise kids that have a sense of responsible and are ready to be competent enough to face the world.

1. Telling your kids about the things that need to be done differently

As a parent, when you decide that it is time for them to start becoming responsible and be accountable for their actions, try telling them about the things that need to be changed from their side. Communicate with your kids in a simple language and in a calm manner and clearly state the fact. Talk to them about various reasons as to why they need to be responsible and the consequences of them meeting their responsibilities or not.

2. Coach them for being responsible

Indian parenting must incorporate more of them coaching their kids rather than just instructing them. Kids need to know what all are the things that are their responsibilities and need to be regularly coached for becoming responsible individuals. Coach them from the sidelines initially and bring them into action once they are fully prepared. Though criticism has always been a key towards becoming successful but while dealing with kids try not to criticize them since they might become more defensive rather than learning from their mistakes.


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3. Set an example

As a parent you yourself need to meet your daily responsibilities in order to set an example for your kids. Tell your kids about your daily responsibilities and let them know that you meet your responsibilities on a daily basis. This will surely motivate your kids towards meeting their responsibilities since they will now follow your footsteps.

Remember that when you tell your kids to follow any instruction, make sure that you yourself have the capability of following them. It is only then when your kids would try working in that direction.

4. Enforcing accountability

Every parent does tell their kids about their day to day responsibilities that they need to cater to. But the fact is that not many of them know that the flaw lies within the reaction of the parents when the kids fail to do these tasks. This is where accountability comes into the picture.

Indian parents need to realize that the way they respond to a child’s negligence towards a particular task is what affects their sense of inculcating responsibility within themselves. Hold your child accountable for whatever tasks they fail to cater to. Make the consequences worse so that they won’t repeat the same thing again.

5. Start as early as possible

It is always the best to start training your kids at an early age. Bad habits are often a result of not correcting them at an early age. Therefore, parents must start coaching their kids at an early stage about their responsibilities. Taking baby steps towards being responsible is what makes the kids grow into responsible and competent citizens of the country. Introducing them to a sense of responsibility at an early age will certainly benefit your kids and you will see the positive results as and when they grow.

6. Using responsible language and their responsibilities

Try to identify the small and minute things your kids do as a part of their responsibility. May it be a small contribution towards it but make them realize that you have acknowledged the fact that they have met their responsibilities and compliment them about the same. This helps them realize the importance of catering to their commitments and that it does yield them rewards in the future. This is one of the best ways for your kids to grow and become more responsible as individuals.

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7. Use consequences and rewards

You might often find your kids being stubborn and not listening to you when you shout at them. These things are quite often and as parents you might really become frustrated at some point of time. Kids at young age do not realize what is wrong and right and simply do things as a matter of curiosity or for fun sake. Being spontaneous in nature, they could often do things that they aren’t suppose to be doing.

As parents you’ll can explain to your kids about the consequences of their actions and the punishment that will follow if they repeat the same mistakes. Also if they improve and do not repeat it, try giving them small rewards in the form of a chocolate or any other things of their interest so that they are motivated towards doing only the good things.

8. Providing them with routines

Your kids wouldn’t develop any habit within a day, therefore try introducing them to certain habitual routines such as brushing their teeth twice a day so that it becomes a part of their habit. Provide the necessary help in the initial stages since they might neglect it and later you will see positive results reflected by them.

Some Final Words

These are some of the most crucial parenting tips that definitely require to be considered in case of Indian parenting. Raising responsible and competent kids is a dream for every parent and by following these amazing and important tips will definitely help your child meet their responsibilities and become great citizens of the country. And for achieving this, the best possible time is to start right away at an early age.



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