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Top 10 Hacks to Protect Your Baby from Cold Winter

Your newborn is the most special member of your family. As a parent you get the responsibility to take care of your baby in every situation. Winter is all good until you welcome the new little member of your family. But when you are the parent you always have to be careful about the health of your baby. At the starting, your baby’s immunity system is just at a developing level. So it is very natural that your baby is susceptible to colds and infections. Do not get worried.

Best Tips to Protect your Child from Winters

Here we are discussing how to keep your baby away from cold during the winter. Follow these top 10 hacks to protect your baby from cold winter.

1.  Check the room temperature

Newborn babies need extra care and support during the winter as they are not enough capable to sustain themselves on their own. So as a parent it is your duty to keep your baby warm and comfortable to protect from winter cold. In winter a sudden drop in temperature may affect your little baby as his immunity system is not well developed. To keep him safe and his vital organs performing well make sure his room temperature is way too comfortable. Shut the windows and close the door all the time with a proper ventilation system. If necessary, you can also use a room heater to keep the temperature appropriate inside the room.

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2.  Choose comfortable clothes

Do not bother your infant with a thick sweater, gloves, socks, and a hat. Also, try to avoid heavy blanket to cover while sleeping. Constantly keeping your child wrapped up with woolen clothes may cause of his irritation and stop him moving freely. So always make him wear clothes according to the room temperature. You can make him wear gloves and socks while sleeping to protect his tiny fingers and toes from cold. But always be careful and choose breathable fabrics like cotton and muslin to take clothes on and off as needed.

3.  Wear your baby

Your baby needs extra warmth to fight with the harsh cold outside. It is important to take him out once in a day for the fresh air but always tries to wear your baby when you are out. You do not need an extra sweater if you use a carrier that provides extra cosines to keep his body temperature perfect. But make sure when you are wearing your baby, his face is not pressed against your chest that prevents the air from free breathing.

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4.  Breastfeeding

Even if you have started giving solid foods do not stop breastfeeding your little one. During the winter it very comfortable to stay cozy to the mother’s body all the time. While breastfeeding the warmth of your body covers him from the cold. It is not only about the body warmth but also about breast milk contains Cologne and other nutrients that make his immunity system strong and keep him away from diseases. Breastfeeding keeps your baby healthy and strong during the cold weather.

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5.  Prevent dry skin

Dry skin is a very common problem among infants during the winter. It is important to take care of baby’s skin and keep it soft and supple. In this little age, the skin remains sensitive and the harsh cold weather can easily make it dry. So use cream and moisturizer that is rich in milk cream and butter to maintain soft and glowing skin for your baby. But try to avoid such creams which shows a list of chemicals as it may cause harm to the sensitive skin. Also, skip using shampoo and soaps daily as it may make the skin rougher.

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6.  Provide Vitamin D

During winter our bodies can get the most important immune-boosting nutrient from sunlight which is very important to supplement with Vitamin D. This is the utmost normal way to get Vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important for your baby as it helps to protect him from different seasonal disease and build up his immunity system.  You can also use cod liver oil and other vegetables to receive Vitamin D. Even if a breastfeeding mother gets enough Vitamin D her baby also will be benefited from her breast milk.

7.  Do not miss the vaccination schedule

Babies are more prone to infections in winter. Their immunity is low to fight with the germs. But they also need proper vaccination for their future at the right time. Do not skip any vaccination thinking that it may make your baby ill. Because it is very important to get your baby vaccinated properly to keep him strong and healthy in future. If you somehow miss a date contact your physician and confirm a date for it without fail.

8.  Say NO to germs

Next time you are going to attend a gathering or invite someone to your house to make sure they are healthy enough as it is very important to keep your baby stay away from germs. Do not take a risk with your baby and ask your visitors politely to wash their hands before touching your little one. You know his immunity system best so you have all the right to safeguard your baby from infections. It is completely your choice whom you will allow or not when it comes to your baby’s health.

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9.  Give a healthy diet

If your baby is accustomed to semi-fluid or solid food nothing can be better than Winter. This is the best time of the year where you and your family can have delicious foods. Try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rather than processed food. A good diet always helps your baby to stay immune. So you can also make soups with chicken pieces and vegetables in it and keep your baby warm during the cold winter.

10. Take care of your personal hygiene

It is very important to take care of your own hygiene along with your family to keep your baby protected from any kind of ailments. Always wash your hands and wear clean clothes. Always aware of your other family members to follow the same. Eat healthy food and drink a lot of water. Remember the mother’s health matters a lot for the babies. So do not take much stress, be clean and be safe.

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