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Pros And Cons Of Head Shave

Shaving one’s head may seem like a drastic change to make but a lot of people find it comfortable. A majority of men shave their heads because they suffer from male pattern baldness or extreme hair loss. However, teenagers usually shave their heads if there is an ongoing fashion trend on the scene. To want a different look is also another reason that drives boys and men to shave their heads. Some religions and traditions also require infants to shave their heads. It has also been said that shaving one’s head allows the hair to grow back with a better texture.

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If one is seriously considering shaving their head, they must follow the following steps so that the desired results can be achieved and maintained

The first step is to completely cut one’s hair to the scalp. This is because it is difficult to shave a head that has long hair on it. This part can be carried out easily at home and with the help of a friend or family member. Hair clippers are usually used for this purpose and are recommended.

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Completely wetting the newly shortened hair as well as the scalp is essential as this helps to avoid razor burns.

The application of shower gels, shaving cream, or shower cream is also recommended as it allows the razor to glide through the head easily and without causing skin abrasions or irritations.

Moving the razor slowly is also recommended. One should also remember that moving the razor and targeting a particular spot, again and again, will not lead to desired results. The method of shaving perfectly is difficult to master and one should make sure that they are properly equipped before they go ahead with it. In case they feel as though they cannot, salons offer such services.

After the head is shaved, the application of after-shave or cream is recommended.

If you make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned tips in an orderly fashion, your freshly shaved head will undoubtedly look good. 

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New Trends Of Head Shave Parents Talks Legal

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Pros of having a shaved head

  • When one does not have any hair, there is no hassle to wash conditioning, or maintain it. 
  • It puts you in the spotlight and makes strangers notice you. While some may not like this, a large number of people view this to be an advantage.
  • It has been said that people who have no hair are more carefree and easygoing.

Cons of having a shaved head

  • During winters or during rainfall, it is essential for the individual to wear a hood or a cap. If they do not do say, they will catch a head cold.
  • Sunburn is another major limitation. Applying sunscreen on an hourly basis is extremely important if you are spending time outside the house.
  • Even though the spotlight may be fun, it will get tiring after a particular period of time. Jokes and humor will lose their charm and begin to annoy you.
  • It is not necessary that your head is shaped perfectly. A majority of heads have a few bumps here and there which can end up looking quite unattractive. Therefore, the entire purpose is defeated.
  • Many people who have gone through with shaving their heads often wonder if they will need to shave their heads on a regular basis. However, this answer differs from person to person. If one wants a smooth and spotless head every day, one must shave it every day. On average, those with shaved heads usually shave their heads every other day. 
  • If one goes overboard, one will suffer from serious razor burns and also develop ingrown hairs.

A large number of celebrities believe in shaving their heads. Athletes such as basketball players prefer to keep a bald head as it does not come in the way of their game and also keeps excess sweat away. Many actors opt for a shaved head due to the same reasons. Other celebrities shave their heads because their role in the movie demands it. 

The reason for shaving your head does not need to be made public. If you are happy with your decision, you must go ahead with it as looking different is always an added benefit.

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