Preventive Measures For Chilblains

As Chilblains can be painful and can make feet and other areas susceptible to infection, it is better to keep a preventive plan in mind. This is especially essential for those who are living in regions that are known for humid climates. First of all, you should be aware of such a condition and then think about the various preventive measures that can be used. Prevention is quite important for people who are already prone to suffering due to risks associated with climatic changes. Diabetic patients, aged people, and ladies must take extra care and must use as many preventive measures as possible.

The reason for the occurrence of Chilblains is the sudden warming of the skin after being exposed to a cold environment. As the constricted blood vessels find this change sudden, blood leaks in the tissues. To prevent suffering from Chilblains, use some or more of the known preventive measures:

  • If the occurrence of Chilblains runs in the family, you must be forewarned. You must always keep your feet, hands,s and face warm by using winter wear.
  • Women must not take the cold temperature lightly and must make sure that they do not expose themselves to cold and then sudden heat. It is better to keep yourself warm at all times so that you are sure about preventing Chilblains.
  • As doctors advise diabetic patients to take care of their feet, they should follow the advice. They must take extra care during cold months and keep their feet warm. As feet have pressure points, they need special consideration. At the same time, hands and face also need proper care.chilblains-red-hands
  • Anemic patients also must invest in protective socks made of wool and also wear a pair of gloves. Such people should also plan their daily routine in such a way that there is a possibility to perform a few warm-ups and basic exercises just enough to boost blood circulation. This will go a long way in promoting overall well-being too. Such people must also avoid skipping meals. If they want a permanent solution, they must cure their anemic condition.
  • It is better to prevent exposure to the cold and whenever possible, it is better to increase the temperature of the surroundings. For this, you can light up lamps at various places so that the air becomes warm.
  • Do not expose cold feet to a much higher temperature which will make it difficult for the blood vessels to respond. Exposure to a warm temperature is just enough.
  • Wear clothing that can offer adequate protection from the chill environment. Buy boots if you think you fall under the high-risk category and think they can offer good protection.
  • Avoid or reduce smoking when the weather is cold as smokers have poor circulation compared to non-smokers.

It is better to keep soothing lotions handy during winter as they can be of general help for mild Chilblains condition. Consult a Podiatrist if you are diabetic and suspect a Chilblains condition.

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