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Pregnancy Week 37

It is quite an enjoyable moment for the mother when she is pregnant. But it has to be kept in mind that special care has to be taken of the mother. She should take complete rest and strictly avoid heavy work. Every parent wants their child to be born healthy. Most of the development of the child takes place when he/she is inside the mother’s womb. So, if the mother is taken care of properly then a healthy child will be born. It’s better to maintain a pregnancy calendar. This will help to keep track of what to do and what not to do.

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The Symptoms of Pregnancy Failures During the 37th Week

Now the baby is ready to come out and breathe in the open air. As the baby is still in the womb it tries to inhale. But the amniotic fluid present in the surroundings makes it quite difficult to breathe. This leads to hiccups! These are felt as kicks in the stomach. A mother enjoys happiness more than that of the pain. The baby keeps on growing in spite of being in the womb. It gains fat nearly 14 grams per day. The baby grows more in weight and size.

Dietary Chart

A balanced diet chart is to be maintained that includes minerals and vitamins for the proper growth of the baby and his/her brain.

Emotions and Behaviors and Exercise

As the labor pain of the mother increases so the behavior also changes. If the possible suggestion of the doctor should be properly taken. Other than this there is an environment of constant happiness in the family. The likes and dislikes of the mother should be taken care of. There should be no sign of stress on the mother other than the birth of the child. So, we can see that the surrounding people play a great role in the development of the child. The baby continues to accumulate fat in order to regulate body temperature. The sense organs of the fetus are fully developed, the lungs too. Most babies are 2.7 to 4.3 kilograms during their birth. It may vary for male and female babies.

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For exercise, it is highly suggested to follow a smart and light exercise during the course of time.

Essential Clothing

The good news for the mother is that all the sufferings that she had to bear will bear fruits now. She might give birth to the baby any day. The doctor constantly checks the opening of the cervical. With the help of the ultrasound, the doctor checks the head position of the baby. Around this time it should be towards the opening of the cervical. If it is at the correct position then the doctor waits for the correct time. If the baby is born after this week then it will be born as term mature. So sometimes external medicine is given to the mother so that, the pain increases and the baby take birth.

Skin Changes

Scars and patches develop within the lower abdomen of the baby due to the swelling of the pelvis during the 37th week of pregnancy.

Recommended Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K are highly recommended during this period of time along with a healthy as well as a balanced form of diet.

The Recommended Tests for the Mother

It comes out in the form of a black mixture. The black mixture is known as meconium. The weight of the baby is nearly 6.5 pounds i.e. 2.8 kilograms. The length of the baby may be nearly 20 inches i.e. 50 centimeters long from top till bottom. The baby’s head is near the cervical opening and well protected by the pelvic bones. Many babies are born with hair on their heads. The color may vary according to the traits. While some of the babies have no hair at all on their heads. Sometimes people get astonished when some black color child is born of some fair-colored couples.

The Medicines for the Mother

It is to be remembered that for a healthy child it’s quite important to take care of the mother. Whatever the mother takes in indirectly goes into the body of the child. In the 36th week, the mother needs to get a thorough check-up of herself every now and then. The doctor will help to tell when to get admitted. A lot of mucus will be lost by the mother. The mucus plug that was attached to the cervical will be lost during the labor period. Sometimes a yellowish fluid along with blood comes out from the cervical.


The presence of the doctor is quite necessary at this time. The labor pain might occur now and then. So proper attention is required to the mother. To remain fit special care should be taking regarding these issues. The mother should take complete rest. No work should be done by the mother. A burning sensation can occur along with leg cramps. It depends upon the mother if she can tolerate the pain or not. But the pain of giving birth vanishes once the baby is born. Just think about the pain a mother has to suffer from!

Growth of the Baby

The child starts developing from the 1st week of the Trimesters and is fully developed on the 40th week of the Trimesters. The child is born between the 38th week and the 42nd week. Very few people give birth to the child on the due date. The 37th week of pregnancy is really a day of enjoyment for the mother. She is ready to bring her child into this world. She has able to conquer all the pain and sufferings. But still, everything is uncertain till the child is born. The mother might be drawn into late pregnancy weeks. The anxiety of the mother increases day by day. The labor pain keeps on increasing but it is not stopped.

50 healthy pregnancy tips

Do’s and Don’ts of the 37th Week of Pregnancy


1. It is during this period that the mother should go for constant exercises.

2. She should go for meditation and yoga.

3. She should also relieve herself of pain by going for stretches in various positions.

4. She should keep herself happy and her mind free from worries.

5. She should have positive thoughts in her mind.

6. She should think about all the good things related to her baby.

7. She should start learning about parenthood.

8. She should also gain knowledge on childbirth and post-natal care.

9. She should also keep herself fit.

10. She should also make a backup for child care when her labour begins.

11. She should also consume vitamin e capsules.


1. Don’t make the mother get angry with someone.

2. Don’t get the blood pressure of the mother to rise too much.

3. Make proper preparations and get ready for delivery because sometimes delivery occurs during the 37th week only.

Responsibility of the Dad to Be

It is up to the husband to keep his wife happy at this moment. He should take care of all the matters regarding the diet chart, medicines of his wife. His presence creates a lot of difference. It is believed that this is the time when an invisible bond develops between the child and the father. The husband has to take care of some important things like getting the necessary information about where the child will be born. Moreover, all the things such as the car keys, important phone numbers are to be kept at hands reach. This is because the labor pain might increase and it might become unbearable for the mother.  The doctor should be kept informed about the condition of the mother. More importantly, the diet is very important. If the child is to born at home then the birth kit should be ready by this time. All the precautionary measures should be taken beforehand.

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