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Pregnancy Week 3

The third week is among the first trimester of pregnancy as stated technically which is among the first developmental stages of the human zygote after successful fertilization. This phase is characterized by a series of physiological changes within the mother and both physiological and morphological changes within the baby.

3 weeks pregnant Mother

Psychological Changes: The physiological changes that the mother develops are hardly understandable. This is because the changes that occur are sometimes disconcerted by most women. This phase is most of the time characterized by untimed bleeding from the uterus; however, this is not a prominent sign of pregnancy confirmation unless properly tested. This is because most of the time women consider this bleeding as a result of the premenstrual flow. However, this bleeding may result due to the implantation of the baby to the wall of the uterine muscles. This is known as implantation bleeding. Scientifically this incident happens during the last stages of the third week of pregnancy when the zygote after differentiating to the gastrula stage implants itself to the wall of the uterus of the mother.

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Placenta Formation: Sooner or later the baby starts developing the placenta and the entire zygote becomes surrounded by the amnion containing amniotic fluid and the developing fetus. This amniotic fluid is responsible for providing cushion to the developing embryo throughout the entire developmental process and also provides nourishment to the baby during the early phases of pregnancy.

Healthy Lifestyle Recommended for Mother to Be: It Is Strongly Recommended That The mothers should adopt a healthy lifestyle and take good care of her during the first few weeks because these are the most crucial periods for the baby’s development. This is the time when the baby implants itself to the body of the mother or father to the uterine wall.

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Exercise During Third Week of Pregnancy: Exercise is a very good habit that needs to be adopted during the entire phase of pregnancy and these need to be followed diligently. But it is mandatory that the mother should not decide her own exercise or aerobics that she should follow. She must visit a doctor and get her exercises prescribed for practicing. This is a common question that may arise why a doctor for exercises. Well because if you are pregnant the doctor after deciding the position of the baby can suggest you some exercise to follow. Moreover, sudden jerks or wrong steps may account for the retardation of the baby’s development or the worse may even lead to miscarriage.

Pregnancy Determination: Prior to every idea, it is mandatory for the mother to determine whether she is pregnant or not. There are certain pregnancy test kits available in the market that the mother who is suspicious that she is pregnant, can buy and check whether she is pregnant or not. With the help of these pregnancy test kits, she can confirm her pregnancy sitting right at home. However, the most important fact is that these pregnancy tests are useful only when there are a couple of days left for the occurrence of the successive periods which means that these test kits are useful only after the commencement of the fourth week of pregnancy.

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High-Calorie Diet: The development of the baby is directly influenced by the food habits that the mothers choose. During this pregnancy time, the mother’s body requires a high amount of calories and that is why she can sustain the growth and development of the baby. The mother should not be inclined to the foods that are deep-fried as these foods cause excess deposition of fat in the mother’s body which is really.

Intake of Fresh Vegetables Recommended: The Mother Should Be Inclined To The Consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, beans, lentils, etc. This means that the mother’s diet should be a balanced diet containing a high amount of protein and low fat. Excess deposition of fat may turn out to create complications during the delivery of the baby.

High Water Intake: High consumption of water should be practiced as water reduces acidity, heart burn-like disorders which are really harmful during pregnancy.

Light-Colored Clothes: Among the healthy lifestyle habits, reduction in the absorption of excess heat by the body should be done by wearing light-colored and loose garments.


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3 Weeks Old Fetus

During the third week of pregnancy, the event of successful fertilization takes place. After the orgasm between a male and a female human, hundreds and thousands of sperms swim across the uterus overcoming the acidic environment of the uterus and reaching the fallopian tube. Here the sperms come in contact with the ovum produced by the ovary. Only one sperm is able to fertilize the egg by lysing (enzymatic break down) the wall of the ovum. After fertilization, the zygote develops and starts the process of differentiation. It is during this phase the baby is almost a microscopic structure and cannot be visible with the naked eye. However, the differentiation process is continuing at a greater speed to Morula and then gastrula, when it implants to the wall of the uterus with the help of the placenta and a unique circulatory system, is formed between the mother and her baby.

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It is hardly recognizable and confirmed by the mother that she is pregnant due to little visible changes in the body of the mother or due to non-occurrence of situations like missed periods. However, the baby has already its course of development within the mother’s body and is only a size of 0.06 inches from crown to crump.


Any Other Preparation

Once pregnancy is confirmed by the home-based pregnancy test kits, it is advisable for the new mothers to visit a physician and get this result confirmed by a urine test by the doctors. This is because on the implantation of the baby to the uterine wall the pregnancy hormone that is secreted by the placental tissues gets mixed with the urine and becomes a source of confirmation of pregnancy. So she should confirm the food habits that need to be followed and exercises that are mandatory during the entire phase of pregnancy.


1. Food consumed should be low in fat and high in protein.

2. Die should be balanced along with fruits and vegetables in your dish.

3. Should follow exercises according to the doctor’s advice.


The mothers should not smoke, drink coffee, or consuming headache pills, etc. She should continue abrupt movements and should keep out from oils and fat-containing foods.

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Dad To Be

When a father becomes aware that his wife is pregnant he is the happiest person in the world. This is because he is getting ready to hear the title of a dad from somebody who is somebody very close to his heart after his wife. This ecstatic feeling intrigues a sense of responsibility within the father and he becomes ready for all the care that he can take of his wife and his developing successor despite the hectic schedule or the busy times he comes across all throughout the day. They take proper care of their wife no matter what background they are from. Fathers should not also smoke in front of their wives as this may harm the baby a lot. Proper supervision of their wife and visit to doctors regularly is earnestly solicited from the fathers.

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