Pregnancy Intimacy: Enjoy with safe tips

Pregnancy Intimacy is the thing that every couple enjoys with fear of hurting their babies in the womb. But on the other hand, they also strengthen their emotional attachment by making physical relations during pregnancy. Being Intimate during pregnancy is a good thing but you have to keep many essential things in your mind while making love.

The lust want of the body leads to the physical relation of couples in every situation. This is a very genuine and natural thing to enjoy at every period of life. Even if you are pregnant the lust need of the body arises and especially in women because of their changing hormones. But a number of various questions arise in the mind of the couple regarding their pregnancy sex life. Will my baby be safe during sex? Can Physical relation be the cause of Miscarriage? Is there any sex position which should be avoided? And many others such queries pop up in mind related to pregnancy sex.

Today we are going to discuss many safe things related to pregnancy sex. Pregnancy sex timing, safe trimester for sex, pregnancy sex positions and many other important talks which a couple should know to make their pregnancy intimacy exciting and lovable. Let’s discuss some of the common questions comes in the mind of pregnant women:

Is Pregnancy sex is safe?

The very first thing comes in mind is that pregnancy sex is safe or not? Many couples feel shy and don’t discuss it with their doctors and avoid sex during the whole nine months. But you know that sex during pregnancy is safe if it is done in the correct way. The baby in the womb is protected by the abdomen and the uterus muscular walls. So, don’t think that it will harm your baby’s head.


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Which position should be opting during pregnancy?

Though sex is not a harmful thing to do during pregnancy you have to keep in mind about the correct way of performing the whole sex process. There are many types of sex positions but only a few are good while you are pregnant. So, be smart in choosing the correct position which gives you a safe and better orgasm.

Here we have listed some of the best sex positions which will help you in getting an idea of safe intimacy. The sex from behind which is also known as doggy style is a very safe and good position to enjoy. The preggies on top is also a safe position. The girl can also sit facing the reverse side. Apart from these some other safe pregnancy sex positions are spooning, side-by-side sex, seated pregnancy sex, standing position, etc. You can also try oral and anal sex if both of you are comfortable with such type of sex. You can also use the pillows for comfort positions.

Does pregnancy Sex give enjoyment? 

This is a big question for both the couples that will they going to enjoy the pregnancy sex like before? So, always keep one thing in mind that you are intimating to make love, not for the lust. The pregnancy sex not only relief our physical need but it will also touch your emotional feeling for each other.

If we talk about the changing sexual parts of women due to pregnancy then let us inform you that you will feel better than before. Due to the hormonal changes, the vagina and pelvic floor muscles get too tight that you will enjoy being intimate with your partner. The increasing blood flow of the body in women makes them more excited and has a wild urge to do the sex.

So, enjoy the pregnancy sex with love feelings.

Which time is not safe for sex?

Although pregnancy sex is safe all the way still there are some crucial periods when literally you should avoid sexual intercourse. Even doctors also suggest some periods when you have to avoid making physical relations.


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  • Doctors say that if you have experienced the miscarriage at your previous pregnancy then avoid the sexual intercourse at your present pregnancy. However, this also depends on how you faced the miscarriage. it was natural or some accidental thing happens.
  • If you have a past delivery history of preterm labor then avoid being intimate. Apart from these if the doctor informed that there is a possibility of premature delivery then do not indulge in any type of physical relation. It may harm your body parts.
  • Many women suffer from vaginal discharge, bleeding and stomach cramps to their whole nine months of pregnancy period. Doctors suggest not to do sex in this situation as it may high the risk of infection for both men and women.
  • If there is any type of complication in your pregnancy ten avoid the physical relationship because it may high the risk of increasing the complication.
  • If the amniotic fluid is leaking then strictly avoid the sex and consult with the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes the cervix opened up before time and the doctor suggests taking rest during that period. The physical relation can increase the trouble and you have to do the preterm delivery.
  • If the placenta position is too low and you are having a problem in the uterus because of the low lying position then don’t make the love as because it will hurt the baby.
  • The sex during pregnancy is good if you are having only single fetus. But it should be strictly avoided if you are expecting twins, triplets, or other “multiples”.
  • The first and third trimester is a little tough to enjoy the sex so take all the advantages of the second trimester when there will be no morning sickness and the big baby bump like the third trimester.


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