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Pregnancy Food Cravings

The food cravings during pregnancy are a common thing that almost all the preggies experience. This is a sudden urge of eating something which is either available or not. The craving normally starts by the end of the first trimester. The food cravings are very natural which affects many women during pregnancy. The craving can be of anything like ice cream, chocolates, junk foods, different fruits and juices, a combination of unusual foods or something which preggies have not even tasted in her entire life and many more which has a never-ending list.


This is always a big question that why cravings develop? From where it comes in the mind of a pregnant lady to eat something unusual? However, there is no exact answer that why it happens and how suddenly a pregnant lady starts to love the variety of foods every day. The exact reason and truth related to pregnancy cravings are not determined but there can be four logical explanations of having cravings which will help you to get the answers. Check out:

  • Logical Explanation #1

Sometimes the hormonal changes in the body can be the reason to eat a variety of foods. During pregnancy, the two hormones estrogen and progesterone come with so many changes and there is a possibility that it would cause changes in sensory perception and THAT could be the cause of the cravings. It is also observed that many women experience changes in smell likings and disliking. According to research, 26% of women feel the change in taste while 65% experience the change in smell sensitivity. 

  • Logical Explanation #2

This has been assumed that during pregnancy, a woman body goes through from various changes and they need proper nutritional requirement of specific nutrients. Logically it can happen that when women are having lack any nutrients in the body, the body itself starts demanding to fulfill the required nutrients. But this is not a satisfactory explanation because the body only needs healthy nutrients but the craving is sometimes of many unusual and non-healthy foods. So, there is no direct link between nutritional deficits and pregnancy cravings.

  • Logical Explanation#3

Specific addition in foods leads to the craving in pregnancy. Sometimes the smell in the food will make a pregnant lady eat the whole bowl of a particular food.

  • Logical explanation#4

It is true that culture influence food cravings in women. It had been researched that South Indians will love to eat south Indian traditional dishes or other regional dishes. While the North Indian will love to eat their traditional foods like Rajma Chawal, chole bhature. However, chocolate, ice cream pickles, and candies are the most common things which are liked by almost all the women. So, along with other explanations, culture and tradition also play an important role in the food cravings during pregnancy.


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The food cravings are very natural but sometimes women want to eat very unusual foods that are not good for health. They can harm your pregnancy but you are helpless because of a strong urge to eat things like dirt, soap, pica, coal, chalk, etc. You may like to smell petrol or diesel smoke. If you are really feeling the same things then do consult with your doctor to take other supplements which will give you relief from the unhygienic cravings. 

Apart from these all things, smoking and drinking can also harm your baby. If your wife demands a glass of alcohol then strictly say a big NO to your wife. However, this will ruin her mood but anything for the health of baby and wife. 

While cravings are a common occurrence during pregnancy, we still don’t really understand why women want to eat such things which they herself know is not good for health. 

If this type of craving is 3-4 times during pregnancy then it is easy to handle. But some ladies have such cravings from the starting of their pregnancy and they feel like to eat all the dirty stuff just in a minute then don’t neglect it. Take advice from your doctor that what is the reason behind it and how it can be stopped.

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Common Cravings a pregnant woman experience

Pregnancy is a blessing but sometimes the family members feel it dramatic. However, the feeling of food craving can only be understood by the preggies. The food items which women crave has an endless list but some of the common things which pregnant women love to eat are:

  1. Spicy foods: Some women change their taste to spicy foods and love to eat oily and chilly flavored foods. However, there is no serious issue of eating spicy foods but excess eating can cause heartburn and other digestive issues.
  2. Ice cream: The cool ice cream is always the first choice for many women. It is also said that women love to eat ice cream because it is high in calcium. If you also have craved eating too much ice cream then try to make it at home.
  1. Chocolate: The Chocolate normally liked by all the females then how can they ignore it during pregnancy time. But too many chocolates are not good for health; Make it possible to eat just a piece of chocolate instead of having the full packet.
  1. Pickles: Pickles are good in taste and the women who suffer from morning sickness love to eat the different taste of the pickles.
  1. Healthy foods: The lucky women are blessed with the craving of healthy foods during pregnancy. They love to eat green leafy vegetables and very simple foods as compare to the other family member’s meals. Boiling food also makes them happy.

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