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Pregnancy: Best, worst and funny situations

Firstly congratulations to both you for enjoying the pregnancy part of your life. I know that you are here with so many curiosities to know about the best and worst part of the coming days. Before starting to tell you about me and many other ladies experience about pregnancy journey, let me clear you one thing that after delivery you are going to forget the entire worst situation. The only thing you will remember is the good part of your pregnancy to lifetime. So, don’t panic to face the bad situation because at the end of your pregnancy you will have a cute little baby in your hands.

I can honestly say you that I enjoyed my pregnancy a lot. During that time I seriously gave attention to every people who advised me. Some ladies gave me very genuine advice while some talks were too funny that I still laugh at them. So without wasting time let us discuss the different situations of being pregnant.

The worst part of Pregnancy

Nothing is worse than the labour pain and normal delivery in pregnancy. The worst worst worst situation comes on the last day of pregnancy. However, I didn’t experience it as it was c-section to me. But I actually want to feel the pain. There are many other unfavorable situations which are sometimes too funny. Check out some awesome, funny worst situation of pregnancy:

  • Morning sickness: The morning sickness includes tiredness, vomiting and nausea which really irritate the mood. You will not feel good to eat or drink anything. just want to sleep but not feel comfortable in that too.
  • Peeing: Oh my god, I can’t forget this situation. All the time I feel that I want to pee. This happens to all pregnant women. Just in a minute, you will fell to go to the toilet. There will be a situation when you will say that “Give me my all stuff and I am going to sit here all the time”.
  • Food odour: What the hell is this? This is my favourite food and I am feeling the bad smell from these. This situation will also come. You will get irritated from the smells of different foods. The smell will also lead to Vomiting but nothing to do about that. Just close your door and sit when the food is being prepared at home.
  • Pains all over: You will feel the joint pains everywhere to your whole pregnancy.
  • Rejected Wardrobe: One of the worst situations is that you were not able to fit in your favourite outfits. You have to say bye to the tight-fitting clothes. The loose and unfitted maternity dresses will be your best friend from the second trimester. But I assure you that you will feel very comfortable in wearing those dresses.
  • Say no to parlour: As all say that the chemical smells and uses on body effects the baby in the womb. So, stay with not waxed hairs and no facial during pregnancy.
  • Waddling: Hahaha that was too interesting. The walking movement completely changes in the last days. And almost all your family members especially your husband will make fun of yours. But enjoy the moment.
  • Stretch marks: The last but not the least… you’re almost never-ending stretch marks.

The best part of pregnancy

The infinite best time of pregnancy can’t be explained in words. You will feel special in every second during that period. Check out some of the best parts of pregnancy.

  • After being pregnant you will feel special and on cloud nine. Everyone around you will care for you.
  • After being pregnant you are going to enjoy the attention of your grandparents. They will shower many of their experience related to pregnancy with you.
  • I was very happy by saying bye to periods for at least 9 months. No periods, no stains, no self-care. The only thing to be happy for baby.
  • While travelling you don’t have to stand because many people are going to offer you their seat. But the offering is not for you but it’s for your baby.
  • You will enjoy shopping without lifting any heavy bags. Just shop and give it your husband and he will happily take your all stuff in his hands.
  • You can take a nap at any time you want. You don’t have to wait for night time. Even in the office also you will get time to take naps. Nobody will say anything.
  • One of the best parts of my pregnancy is the message form husband. Whether you need it or not but don’t miss a chance to massage your body by your husband.
  • You don’t have to do any work in the parties and during festivals. The only work to do is to enjoy the occasions.
  • Say hello to your new clothes. Your in-laws, parents and husband will purchase new clothes for you according to your baby bump.
  • The feeling of movement and kick of your baby in the womb will erase your all worst parts of the pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy time will be your time. You will be free to do anything you want to do for 9 months.
  • If you feel comfortable you can plan babymoon for relaxation and to change the mood.
  • Enjoy the baby showers and blessings from your elders.
  • All your well wishes will try to fulfil your food carvings. It will be your time to demand anything you want to eat.
  • At last, you will enjoy the pregnancy sex much better than before because of more blood flows to the genitals which increase sensitivity to bewilder.

I want to say you all preggies that enjoy your time of being pregnant because after that you will need extra energy for your newborn baby.

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