Pregnancy and Sex

Pregnancy and sex is a widely discussed subject amongst couples who are expecting babies as it impacts their lives in a certain way. There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around pregnancy and sex. But surprisingly one can indulge in sex during the pregnancy period, and being cautious can ensure avoidance of miscarriage. There are certain cases where your doctor might advise you to refrain from having intercourse during pregnancy. Women who have experienced miscarriage earlier are often advised to avoid intercourse during the first trimester of pregnancy. And also women who have undergone premature labor are asked to avoid intercourse especially during the last trimester of pregnancy.


A woman experiences a myriad of hormonal changes during the time of pregnancy and this can have an effect on their libido as well. If a woman feels the urge of indulging in intercourse, then she can go ahead but one needs to make sure that they are following the right positions, as all the positions used for sex might not be safe and comfortable during pregnancy. A missionary position is not recommended for pregnant women as it is uncomfortable and outputs a lot of pressure on the abdomen. A lot of couples indulge in spooning during pregnancy as undue pressure is not put on the mother’s body. 

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One should refrain from intercourse during the second and third months of pregnancy, as the chances of having a miscarriage are quite high during this time. Even the last two months are quite crucial during the pregnancy and having intercourse during this time can cause several problems. At times, during pregnancy, a woman might not feel interested in having sex because of the changes that are induced in her body, but this feeling is very common and is experienced by almost every woman at a certain stage of their pregnancy. With the onset of the first trimester of the pregnancy, it is quite natural to lose interest in sex as women tend to feel fatigued nauseous, and tired for most of the day. On the brighter side, due to the production of the high amount of hormones during pregnancy, a woman can experience multiple orgasms as well. Patients with high blood pressure are generally advised to refrain from sex as it can have an adverse effect on their pregnancy. Intercourse is often recommended in cases where delivery has not taken place even after the commencement of the due date as intercourse can often induce labor and birth of the baby. Pregnancy and sex is a subject that should be discussed in advance with your doctor so that any sort of complications can be avoided.

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