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Potty Training: Effective Tips and Strategies

Potty training for a baby is very difficult and the parents can never forget the experience they gain during the toilet training to their babies. However, it is so awkward to hear the word potty training but this is the most important training in a baby’s life which makes them habitual of being hygienic. 

Our babies are totally blank from the way of doing the toilet or potty. As a parent, this is our duty to let them know and make their habits of using the washroom or their separate potty pot. Many people think that using toilets is a natural thing and the baby will learn all these things as they will grow up. The parents who think such a way, let me ask you one thing that Does you really want to clean your baby’s shit up to 4-5 years of age? If your answer is a big NO then go through the whole article and learn how can you train your baby for potty at an early age!

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Actually, the potty training of babies starts with the parent’s training. The parents have to take the training to understand the sign and gestures of the babies which they give when they want to poop. So, let’s have a look at some of the most effective tips and strategies that will help you and your baby to get Toilet Training. Check Out:

  • Age: Try to start potty training as soon as possible when your baby is of 3-4 months. It is not possible for that time to make him sit on the pot but there is another way for the infants to make them know the potty position. 


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Firstly you can start when your baby is too small like 5 months of age that time you can hold both the legs upwards let him do the potty. This will help him for better bowel movement as compared to when he will lie down straight. 

The second level of potty training starts when he started to sit. You can use the potty pot at that time or if it is comfortable for your baby then you can directly introduce him to the toilet pot. It is somehow difficult but if you will keep trying then it will become the mission possible task.

  • Signs: Until and unless babies don’t know how to speak they have their own language of showing different signs and sounds. This is our responsibility to understand what they want to inform us. Try to observe their expression, the unique sounds, and different types of signs they do at the time of doing the toilet or potty. If once you will observe their gesture then next time you will directly take him to the toilet as soon as you will see the same expressions.

There is one most important thing to know that every child has different signs and symptoms to express their feelings. So don’t try to compare the siblings as well as the other babies.

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  • Potty Seat: Firstly you decide where you want to make the babies habit of doing potty. There are many portable potty seats are available in the market, you can buy them or you can directly make them seat in the potty seats. if you are buying the seats then you can make it adjust anywhere in the house and you can also take it outside wherever you go, This is the most common thing in which most of the parents invest. 

Secondly, if you want your baby to go directly to the toilets you can help him in many ways. If it’s an Indian toilet then you have to hold him and sit with him unless he is done. If it is a western toilet, then you can put a stool under their legs to maintain the balance or here also you can hold him until he finished his stool.

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  • Entertaining: Make the whole potty training process entertaining. Try to busy your kids with different things so that they can show interest to sit in the toilet. You can make different faces to entertain your baby or you can give him some toys which will make him busy until he gets the pressure. You can flush the toilet and show him that if he will do potty then water will come and take all the wasted things and this is magic. You have to become a kid with your kids to make them understand about any new things.
  • Maintain the Routine: As soon as you start the training try to follow one routine so that your baby doesn’t get confused and learn only one correct process. Make his habit of clearing the stomach early in the morning so that he can freely enjoy the whole day. We also feel so relaxed when we clear our stomachs early in the morning. The same case is with the kids also. You can give your baby a glass of lukewarm water or a cup of milk to make pressure. The same thing you can do in the evening time if you feel that you want to go for potty.

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  • Keep trying: Don’t lose hope if your baby doesn’t cooperate with you in potty training. Keep trying and one day you will get success. It may take one month or more than that also. Find some creative ways of making his habit regular like appreciate him if once he supported you during potty training. In this process, the parents need to show so much effort and they have to be motivated to make things possible. The babies will deny but you have to keep trying to get success.
  • Playing activities: If your baby doesn’t want to sit in the pot until the pressure comes you can engage him in many playing activities so that potty urge comes in them and you take him to the toilet. Leg exercise and cycling can make pressure.

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