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Postpartum Weight loss diet

Hello all new mommies, we are here again for you and this time we will help you in losing your postpartum weight. The post-pregnancy weight mostly effects to increase the belly fat and as we all know that belly fat is so stubborn to be in shape again. The weight loss after pregnancy is not that easy to reduce but on the other hand, it is also not impossible. If you are planning to lose the weight in a healthy way then we are here to give you some effective diet tips which will surely help you in your weight loss process.

As you are a breastfeeding mom so you cannot compromise with your daily meals. Your baby needs proper milk to be healthy. If you will skip your foods then automatically your baby will remain deprived with many essentials nutrition, protein and vitamins. Simply you have no option rather than taking healthy diets.

Before we talk about the diet plans let me tell you one thing that starts it only after 6 months of your pregnancy. For over six months your baby is fully depended on your breast milk. So, don’t let your baby face the lack of many essential things in your milk. Instead of dieting for over six months better you start walking and normal exercise after 3 months of your delivery after consulting your doctor.

Have a look at the Diet plan

  • Jeera pani is the best drink which is very helpful in losing postpartum weight. This is also a good source to increase breast milk. You can replace your tea with Jeera pani for about 3 times in a day. The most effective timing of taking Jeera Pani is in the morning at empty stomach. Start your day with this pani and you will experience a good result.

Recipe to make Jeera pani

Soak a teaspoon Jeera at night. Early in the morning boil the water to its half quantity. Add lemon and honey to it. Your Jeera pani is ready. Jeera Pani is 100% natural and homemade which has hardly any side effects. This is my favorite drink and I really love the taste and flavour.

  • Add whole-grain foods to your diet. This contains so much fibre which helps in improving your digestive system. The whole-grain foods also prevent our body to increase extra weight. The consumption of whole grain for all people leads to the lower risk of several diseases like heart stroke, heart attack, cancer, diabetes etc. Some of the healthy whole grain foods are whole wheat, Oat, Brown rice, whole rye, Barley, buckwheat and many more. You can add any of these in your diet according to your taste.
  • Low-fat dairy products like cheese, milk, curd and many more are good for your health as well as your baby’s health because it contains a lot of Vitamin A and D. This is also rich in source of calcium. The low fat will not increase your weight and will also give you energy for the whole day.

Keep in minds that always use fresh dairy products so that it cannot harm your body.

  • Eggs are a good option for breastfeeding moms. They can have it during breakfast. Eggs are rich in protein.
  • Add a variety of soups in your meals. The different variety will give you another taste each day. You can make tomato soup, spinach soup, and corn soup or mixed vegetable soup. Make it at home because preserved food has many added sugars and high calories.

Important Thing to keep in mind

  • Never skip the meals as it will lower your energy to take care of your babies. As you are a new mom and you need extra energy for your baby.
  • Take 3-4 small meals but healthy one between your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Avoid oil and if there is need of oil then use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil in a very minimal quantity.
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible and use pure honey. Instead of sugar, you can use dried Steve leaves or palm sugar. They are natural and have no side effects.
  • Instead of normal salt use rock salt which is low good for weight loss and had many other health benefits.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes because this increases your weight and also harmful to your health.
  • Use low-calorie fruits and vegetables and fruits.
  • You should drink at least 8-10 glass of water in a day, make a habit.
  • Choose baked food instead of eating the fried ones.
  • Avoid taking beverages which include sugar, soda and calories.

One of the most important things which every breastfeeding mom should know is that every mother who feeds their baby needs at least 500 calories a day so that they can give proper nutrition to their babies.  You can take these calories from healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

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