Diet Plans That Really Work

There are different diet plans that are chosen by different people. Some of the diet plans have been listed here: Cholesterol/Fat Lowering Diet, High Fiber Diet, Soy Diet, Reduced sodium/fat/sugar diet, Atkins Diet, Low Glycemic index diet, Restricted calorie diet, and also crash diets. The name of the diet indicates the principle behind the diet.

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Atkins Diet helps to bring about better body metabolism so that weight loss is natural. The name of the diet is obtained after Dr. Atkins. To understand the efficacy of the Atkins Diet, you should know this: Our body burns carbohydrates and fat for supplying energy to the organs of the body. Glucose (carbohydrates) is the main fuel that supplies the required energy to the human body.

When there is a significant reduction in carbohydrate intake, our body starts burning fat to supply fuel. This is because our bodies sense the deficiency of fuel sources. This is an automatic phenomenon called lipolysis and Atkins Diet relies upon this. Due to this phenomenon of burning fat for fuel, the body also starts to release ketones through the urine and the breath. This phenomenon is known as ketosis.

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The number of ketones can be found by making use of ketone strips. The production of these ketones has an effect on the production of insulin. The result of this is the prevention of the formation of fat. After the state of ketosis has been reached, the body gains the ability to use fat as the primary source of fuel instead of carbohydrates. As the need for carbohydrates in fuel production reduces, the person’s craving for the intake of carbohydrates too sees a decline.

There are four phases associated with the Atkins Diet plan: the first phase is called the Induction Phase and in this, the consumption of carbohydrates is limited to about 20 g in a single day. This carbohydrate amount can easily be obtained by the intake of vegetables that do not have much starch and also salads.

The second phase of the diet plan is called Ongoing Weight Loss. At this phase, carbohydrates are added to the body by consuming foods that have lots of fiber and also nutrients. At this phase, the intake is 25 g during the first week. This is increased to 30 g during the second week. This increase is continued till the time you find that weight loss comes to a halt. After reaching that stage, you have to reduce 5 g of carbohydrates in your intake every day. This is done for achieving moderate but sustained loss of weight.

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The third phase of the diet plan is called the Pre-Maintenance phase. As the name implies, the goal of this phase is to achieve a change from loss of weight to the maintenance of weight. For achieving this, the diet plan suggests the person increase the number of carbohydrates consumed. The final phase of the diet plan is known as Lifetime Maintenance which is for providing a base for the person’s lifetime. For this, the person must have control over their carbohydrate intake.

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