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Plasticizers Pesticides May Reduce Fertility

According to a recent study on fertility, it has been proved that plasticizer pesticides may reduce fertility. Women who are exposed to plasticizers at their workplace are more likely to experience fertility problems as compared to women who do not have to endure such conditions at their workplace. Even lower birth rates have been associated with exposure to plasticizers and pesticides. It has also been found the women on average would take more than six months in order to conceive a baby. A healthy environment is very important for fertility. Be it micro or the macro environment, both of them have an equal impact on fertility.

Chemicals invariably have a very adverse effect on our overall health. It is said that everything you do before four months of conception, has an impact on fertility and it can also have an effect on the health of the baby. Pesticides can not only harm our health but can also induce infertility. In women, the estrogen balance in the body can get disrupted through exposure to pesticides, and similarly, for men, their testosterone balance gets hampered which eventually causes difficulties in the production of sperm. Therefore it is important to induce the right changes in your lifestyle so that fertility problems do not become a part of your life. 

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In order to ensure safety for your fertility, certain methods or changes in lifestyle should be incorporated at the right time. A lot of factors can contribute to infertility; therefore it is important to maintain good physical and emotional health. In today’s age, most infertility issues develop because of our hectic lifestyles. Due to our busy schedules, we hardly have the time to follow the right diet or exercise. With the introduction of various kinds of unhealthy foods and aerated drinks in our diet, it can be clearly derived that our bodies are deprived of healthy diet, and this over a period of time can affect our fertility too. We tend to take notice of our health only when we suffer from health problems, and this attitude can prove to be disastrous in the long run. Changes to the lifestyle are necessary in order to make sure that in the future you do not have to suffer from infertility woes. Many people tend to overlook their health because they are too busy with their professional lives, but this type of attitude should be changed as good health often equates to fertility as well.


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