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Perfect single dad relationship with daughters

Single parenting is very hard but sometimes the situation arises like divorce or uncertain death of partner makes the kids depend on one of their parents. If we talk about mothers then they can very easily manage the relationship with both son and daughter but it becomes quite hard for daddies to deal with the changes and problems of their daughter’s life. The man is totally unaware about the talks that how to manage the girls during puberty or their periods or something else which their princess feels shy to share with father. But still, there are many single fathers who are very perfect in making the bond with their cute princess with some of the smart parenting tips.  Father’s Day Special: Responsibility of a husband as a father

It is very necessary for every relationship to maintain the bond, trust, and respect which makes the connection strong. So, on the occasion of father’s day, we just tried to help the single dads by giving them some effective parenting tips that how to deal with the daughter at every stage of their life.

Early stage

The early stage of a girl’s life is very similar to that of the boy because the needs of both the babies are similar and nothing is different in their upbringing.

  • Sometimes, the problem arises when your princess will start going to school. This will be the first time when she will come in contact with many of her friend’s mother. She may ask you for her mother and even some baby girls are seen demanding to have one mother. But you have to manage the situation very smartly. Tell your daughter that she is unique and thus God has given her father who can manage her life alone Or something else which will really sound very funny but I assure that your princess will feel happy to have you.
  • Don’t make her feel alone. However, it is very hard to manage because of jobs and sometimes a busy schedule. Look for an honest and caring baby sitter who can care for her in your absence. 
  • Never misbehave with her because if in her early age she will feel that you are disrespecting her or becoming strict to her then she will not able to make a bond with you. Be strict in such a way that it does not look rude.

Stage after 10 years of age

The early stage is not that hard to handle because you can easily manipulate the babies according to you. But the really challenging stage comes when your daughter crosses the age of 9-10 years. In girls life, many changes come which is sometimes very scary and unacceptable. A mother can understand her daughter’s feelings and observe the changes but it is not possible for daddies to observe the changes. It can never be possible because a man can never understand how a girl feels during puberty. So, it is very necessary to keep in mind about her age and the changes which can take place anytime in her body.

It is important to prepare for all these things in advance. Manage a trustworthy lady who can easily handle your daughter and make her understand about puberty, her first periods, and sudden body growth or about good touch and bad touch. These things are very important to be discussed with girls. 

A father can ask his daughter’s school teacher to give her all the information. If you have any of your family ladies then tell them to inform about all the thing or else you can also ask to do this favour to any of your colleague or your good friend or any friend’s wife. If any of the above options are not possible then simply fix an appointment with a lady doctor and take your daughter for normal discussions.

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As the age of your daughter will rise you will also face many challenges. The teenage is the age in which parents have to take care a lot to their kids be it a girl or boy. However, a girl needs a lot of attention because of the many undefined reasons at this age. 

  • The girls are very sensitive and emotional and thus during this age they can be attracted towards any bad guy. If there will be no one to support them then they will surely try to find love outside. As a father, it is your responsibility to manage the time in such a way that your daughter can never feel alone. 
  • Try to understand what they want to say. Listen to her complete talks peacefully and then give your reaction. If you are not agreed with her words then try to make her understand that what wrong thing she is doing. Handling a teenage child is really very difficult and especially a girl child by his dad.
  • Try to be friendly with her so that she can share her feelings without any hesitation. This will also help you in knowing that what your daughter is thinking and willing to do.
  • To be a protective father is a very good thing but sometimes the overprotectiveness can ruin your relationship with your daughter. Never show that you are possessive for her because this may have negative affection on your daughter. She might think negatively that you don’t trust her or you are making doubts about her. 
  • Be friendly with her male friends too. This will raise your respect in her mind as well as between friends group also. 
  • Don’t restrict her all the time at her every step. Instead, if she is doing anything wrong then tell her about that and make her feel that she is wrong rather than restriction.

After teenage

If you are proved a good father during her teenage then be happy because you have crossed the hardest hurdle in your life as a father. After teenage, the kids became more mature and career orientated and this is the time when really they need your opinion and support to settle their life. Listen to your daughter’s career option and support for her further studies. 

If your daughter is attached to someone emotionally with love feelings then respect her choice. But as a father make sure that she is with the right person. If you think that she is going with the wrong person then show a little bit strictness to save her life. 

So, the journey of a single dad with her daughter is not easy, but we really hat off to all the dads who are strongly connected with their daughters. This is true saying that a girl is more attached to her father than her mother. 

Happy father’s day to all the daddies, single dad and the one who is playing the role of a father and taking the responsibility as her own child. 

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