Pay Heed To Hormonal Acne Treatment

There are many medications that are created for hormonal acne treatment. The medicines help in maintaining the equilibrium of hormones in terms of their production and secretion. Oral contraceptives and anti-androgens are some of the medicines which are prescribed for hormonal acne treatment. Anti-androgens help in controlling the hormones which cause acne and they also make the skin free of all the excessive oils. Therefore the chances of acne formation get reduced.  Amongst anti-androgens flutamide is a popular medicine for hormonal acne treatment. Oral corticosteroids are recommended for patients who produce androgens in excess amounts. The consumption of such drugs aids in avoiding acne inflammation. Prednisone is a major drug used for acne inflammation. Hormonal acne treatment can also choose oral contraceptives as an option. This type of drug has estrogen in them which replaces the excess androgens in the body. When adequate androgen is present in the body then the production of oil in the body will also remain in control. Therefore this hormonal acne treatment will turn out to be a success. Try this hormonal acne treatment to believe it.

Hormonal Acne Treatment with Oral Contraceptive Pills

Oral contraceptive pills when consumed in small quantities then the acne spots disappear and this medicine has also gained approval from food and drug administration. Hormonal acne treatment with oral contraceptive pills can be adopted by women who do not want to conceive for a certain period of time. Before consuming such medicines for hormonal acne treatment, one should be aware of the side effects caused by them. Anti-androgen drugs can cause irregular menstrual cycles in women. And the oral corticosteroids reduce the density of bones, which makes a person very weak.


Hormonal Acne Treatment for Teenagers

Hormonal acne treatment is also sought by teenagers. Hormonal acne treatment is necessary for them as the absence of it can lead to serious depression. Such conditions prevail as the symptoms of this disease make everybody a subject for embarrassment. The hormone which causes hormonal acne is known as androgens. The sebaceous glands become active due to the introduction of androgen in the body and with time the sebaceous glands become hyperactive. There are many options available for hormonal acne treatment. The hormonal acne treatment requires a time span of six months to one year, to bear complete results. When women have excessive growth of hair then a medicine called spironolactone is given as a form of hormonal acne treatment. This spironolactone medicine helps to cordon the ill effects of androgen so that it cannot function on the hair follicles. The results of this spironolactone medicine can be experienced within two months of its usage. The dosage of spironolactone will be different for every patient. Hormonal acne treatment can also be done through natural therapies. One of the most popular natural forms of hormonal acne treatment can be created by mixing lemon juice with rose water and it can be applied on the region where acne is rampant and within half an hour it can be cleaned off. Hormonal acne treatment is very important to women as they are most likely to suffer from this condition.

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