Why is it important to listen to your child?

Now everyone is so busy in their life and the myriad of demands on parents time and it occasionally frustrates children’s efforts to involve them efficiently. It is very important to listen. To listen without any fixing and any judgment. To listen up until small people have had adequately of time to form and articulate their thoughts.

These are eight reasons why you should listen to your children….. 

Reason 1: It strengthens the parent child bond –

My 80 year old mother is still my first preference when I need a shoulder to cry or someone to vent out to or seek advice also !  And trust me she has been the most patient and non judgmental listener that I have ever experienced …no exaggeration here . I wish and pray my children feel the same in need of support and come to me and I would love to hear them out till I am may be 100 years old.

Reason 2: It opens the line of communication –

In many ways all parents are in easy years of communication when the children are still very young. But the need is for this to continue when the child reaches their teens too as listening invariably opens ways for communication and mutual trust,  furthering   parental knowledge and awareness  about whatever good or bad is happening in their child’s life.

Reason 3: It improves the likelihood that they will in turn listen to you –

When a person feels respected and appreciated they are much more likely to respond with respect and appreciation. And children do not make an exception here, connection with them is vitally important to influence them.

Reason 4: It helps to build self-esteem-

A parent’s time and attention are valuable children are aware of that and by giving them your undivided time and attention you make them  feel valued which works wonders for their self-esteem as the time that a parent withdraws from their schedule for the child pleasantly  nurtures  a sense of self-worth in them .

Reason 5: It helps them to feel understood –

It is important to listen with the intent to understand, not reply or fix…Asking a specific question in response to what they say, let  your child know you are actually listening ,authenticates what they are telling you and confidently keeps the conversation going .


reason 6: Provides insight into their emotional state –

The single preventative factor for anxiety and depressive illness in young people is being in a family that is in close conversation with each other. Something as simple as shared meals can work wonders to facilitate communication because it isn’t just the meal that counts but the bond! Listening intently to the child provides the parent an insight into their emotional state.

Reason 7: It helps them develop social skills-

Your focused listening provides your child with a wonderful role model for the growth of positive social relationships. They learn the art of give and take of dialogue and how good it feels to be heard.

Reason 8: Because kids have great ideas –

Children have great ideas and it is through talking through these ideas that many people big and small are able to plan a course of action and make these ideas come to fruition. My children are my thickest pals and the most dependable team that I could ever look for!

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