Body pain Young woman suffering from neck pain and backache, stretching the muscles.

Pain Behind Neck And Below Head

The upper back and the lower region of the neck support our head. The joints (three in number) in the top of the neck allow almost all the movement of the neck and the head. The upper joints of the back and the lower joints of the neck create the support system for the head.

There are several reasons why a person feels a pain in the neckTightness and stiffness of muscles of the neck and/or the upper back are quite one of the commonest reasons for this. Also if there is a disruption of the joint in the neck or upper back, neck pain occurs. If the nerves that arise from the cervical vertebrae are being strained, then neck pain occurs.

Neck pain is sometimes caused by

  1. Stress caused by straining a muscle/tendon while exercising
  2. Being exposed to chilly drought
  3. Muscle stiffness caused by bad posture while lying down
  4. Faulty mattress because of which posture may be affected

Neck pain caused by the four reasons listed above is not serious and with proper care and treatment can be cured within a day. However, if the neck pain is accompanied by

  1. Inefficient bladder control
  2. Inability to move other limbs freely
  3. A pricking feeling in your limbs
  4. Numbness in limbs and fingers

Then the pain could be an indicator of more serious problems related to the spinal cord. Immediate and careful medical attention, investigation, and treatment are required in these cases.


Cervical Spondylosis

This is another common reason for neck pain. This is a common degenerative disease of the spinal cord in the neck region. Treatment of this disorder is usually the administration of anti-inflammatory medication that is nonsteroidal, corrective neck exercise, and improved postures.

If neck pain is accompanied by a consistent feeling of drowsiness, if you experience acute nausea and vomiting symptoms then the reason could be (1) internal bleeding in the skull region or (2) the onset of meningitis. Lumbar punctures and CAT scans can detect the prevalence of these disorders that need to be treated promptly and effectively.  

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 Test for the right posture

  1. Place yourself against a wall without the back making contact with the wall
  2. Keep moving slowly back until your body makes contact with the wall
  3. If the upper region of the back touches the wall first it is likely that you usually slouch forward
  4. If the backside first makes contact it means there is a slouch in the lower region of the body
  5. If there is a pain in the body and some stress caused while trying to position yourself then there is tightness in your muscles that need to be toned and relaxed
  6. If your heels, hip, back of the head, upper back, and lower back simultaneously make contact with the wall then – Congratulations! Your posture is just right.

The neck is supported by three joints that allow its movement. Whenever there is a stress/pressure/strain on these joints, it results in neck pain. Sometimes the pain may be just due to bad posture and will go away, within a day. At other times neck pain may be a symptom of an upper back injury that may lead to many complications. It is important to diagnose the pain correctly and treat it effectively. Good posture goes a long way to help prevent pain in the neck.

Any strain, stress, or injury caused to these joints will result in pain behind the neck and below the head. But what causes the stress to these joints?

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