Office Romance

Office romance: Does it display good or bad character

Romance is an incredible feeling that brings out all the love and sexual desires for your partner in the form of beautiful gestures. But, if you are performing romance in a professional work environment then it might hamper your image in front of your colleagues. Work-life balance is a must for every individual. It helps you bring stability and control over your life. Merely kissing your partner in the work hours can delay the assigned work and might put a pause in your promotion too. So make sure that you maintain a professional relationship with your partner in the office and build a strong romantic bonding in your home.

In this article, we will discuss all the positive and negative points of performing romance in the office.

You won’t be able to see your partner’s imperfections

Your inability to see your partner’s imperfections may keep your romance alive but at the same time, it can be harmful too if your partner is also your subordinate. If you work at the same place and you are the boss there, you are responsible for making sure they are performing well including those with whom you are romantically involved. Your feelings can keep yours from recognizing any problems you do see and also if you think it could damage your relationship it may be difficult to give any criticism. Also if your partner is a supervisor, your co-workers are going to start treating you differently as they may think he or she is offering you special perks. This may risk turning into the office outcast.

Work follows you home

Your work will follow you home. It will become very hard to avoid the topic of work when you are spending time with your partner. All office work and stress come home with you at the end of the day. It will decrease your personal space. Also if you had a fight with your partner or some sort of disagreement at the work, it will follow you at your home. You may go to bed angry at your partner. At the office, you may find yourself pretty uncomfortable every time you see your partner. But if you and your partner do not share a workplace it can be helpful. As you can spend your day apart and your bad feelings may blow over by the time you meet up at the end of the day.

It will affect your performance

Your work performance can be affected very much even after your relationship. When you are with your partner at the office, you will be distracted as that person will be around you all the time. You might spend too much time with them whether in the lunch breaks or near the water cooler. Your performance will be down. Moreover, if it does not work out, you still have to see your ex and work with him or her every day and you will be sad and heartbroken. You may not be able to concentrate on the work assigned to you and may produce ineffective outcomes at work. Your distraction can increase the workload of others. It can put a serious hamper on your job performance.

Legal consequences

Office romance can lead to potential legal consequences. Sexual harassment or discrimination might occur. If one person wants to end the relationship and the other one does not, a sexual harassment claim may come up. Also if you find the person you are dating may already be in a committed relationship, imagine the embarrassment of finding this out. If you are not aware of the mental illness and stability of the person you are dating, the loss of relationship could trigger a sudden and violent response.


If a supervisor allows his or her partner to come in late without criticism, the other workers will resent the unfair treatment. It can have a negative impact on the workplace atmosphere which can reduce the productivity and profitability of the company. In this situation, the valuable employees might quit in protest.

Work Romance Relationship

Everyone will find out

You may try to keep your office romance quite but it does not stay quiet. People generally like to talk about their love life with their friends and co-workers. So if your one of the partner casually mentions he or she is interested in a person on his team or dating that person how will your co-workers feel? Rumours will spread and gossip is another threat to morale. It can distract employees from their work. In fact, this is the common reaction to an office romance and it can damage employee relations. You may lose the respect of your co-workers or your management respect if you caught kissing in the office.


Sometimes office romance that ends badly can spill over into the daily work environment and when a couple goes through the breakup phase, they have more negative feelings for each other. This situation will affect the relations with the fellow co-workers and your breakup news is one of the confusing things for them too. It may turn into a big separation and will affect the company. Your relationship could make it more difficult for your department to operate effectively. It can be a direct obstacle in the way of the company’s productivity on a whole. Also, internal relation conflicts cannot be ignored as there may be times when one of the partners holds a higher post which may affect their relationship and the company’s advancement.

Final Words

Breakups and dating is a part of life but mixing it up with your office environment can spice things up which might end up in the resignation of the other person. Office romance can also bring a huge setback to the company as it degrades the product atmosphere of employees and brings up rumours and gossips which hampers the growth of the organization. Thus, it is very important for individuals to bring a gap between their work and personal life and act accordingly.

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