Obstacles To Weight Loss

With an increased awareness of the need for a healthy mind in a healthy body, weight loss programs are gaining in importance. During New Year’s and Birthdays, resolutions for losing weight and becoming fit are on most people’s minds. The enthusiasm lasts for a week at the most, after which most of us revert to our unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. If we could overcome the common obstacles which stand between us and weight loss, we can be proud of a fit body.

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Most of the obstacles that stand in our way of working towards a fit and healthy body are detailed below:

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1.    Not eating a sensible diet:

Most of us wish to lose weight and see results immediately. There are no shortcuts to weight loss. Weight loss should be gradual and a balanced diet should be followed at all times. Most of us do not have the luxury of checking in to a spa for a regimented weight loss program. We need to pursue weight loss while coping with our daily work and family schedules. Our daily calorific requirements need to be taken care of and at the same time; there should be no fat build-up. A sensible balanced diet should be followed instead of a fad crash diet which leaves us deprived of nutrients.

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2.    Inadequate or no exercise:

Weight loss is the result of diet and exercise. Exercise certainly contributes to weight control, improves cardiac health, reduces cancer risk, is clearly good for mental health, and is associated with longevity. Exercise helps us shed the accumulated fat and tones up the body. Mild exercise like walking or stretching can be built into a daily schedule and moderate to heavy exercise can be scheduled after a month or so.

3.    Food cravings:

The one thing we do wrong in diets is to deprive our bodies. The result is intense cravings for sugary or salty foods. We finally give in to the cravings and gorge on high calorific food which wipes out the weight loss from a diet. The golden rule is to consume everything in moderation. We must assuage our food cravings but never overindulge in them. Using Sugar substitutes and low salt food helps.

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4.    Mindset:

We need to have a long-term view of weight loss and not be discouraged by temporary setbacks. In every program for weight loss, there is some loss in the first week, post week there is less or no weight loss in the second and third weeks. Most of us go off the diet in the third week, being discouraged at the slow rate of weight loss. The most sensible weight loss plan is one in which there is a realistic target set for each milestone. We should set realistic goals for weight loss and stick to the program till the end of the schedule to see optimum gains.

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