New Year Home Party Ideas for New Parents

Congratulations and a very Happy New Year to all the new moms and dads because you are going to start this New Year with a new family member. The last night and the first day of the year should be enjoyed and celebrated.

But are you worried about staying at home because of your small baby! Is it true that you are upset as you can’t attend the outside parties because of too much chilling weather for small babies! And many more such compromises for your baby. But do these all compromise happily and feel yourself a happy parent that you are getting such an opportunity to care for your baby. Many couples enjoy outside theme parties to forget their inner pain of not having a baby.

So, if you are with a small baby and can’t go outside then make some efforts to celebrate and enjoy at home with your near and dear ones. Chill out and read some of the best ways which will give you an idea of making your baby’s first New Year memorable. We assure that these ideas will add a good experience in your life which will be much more than your expectations. Here are some of the best House party ideas:

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  • Baby’s Party: Invite the neighbors along with their babies to enjoy at home. Arrange a warm place along with heaters, playing stuff and another essential thing of kids to engage them. These will also give you a chance to know the experience of other parents with their kids. This will be a good New Year experience for you.
  • Decoration: be cheering and happy to enjoy the New Year. Add the flavor to your thinking and start to decorate the house which gives the positive vibration and a smile on your face.
  • Cook Food: This will be the best gift for your partner when you will cook their favorite food. Cook for each other and enjoy the best homemade food by your Chef partner and remark their efforts with some naughty romantic activities.
  • Dancing star: If you are a dance lover then don’t stop yourself from dance. Even you both can play a game to dance on the partner’s wishing song. Be more sexy and seductive while dancing which will add more romance to your New Year Eve.
  • 2019 memories: Sit with your partner and memorize all the beautiful moments of last year. Memorize about the pregnancy good and bad days, the complications, morning sickness, first ultrasound, and many more things. Have a look at the photos clicked in 2019. This will surely give you the feel of more attachment with your partner as compare to enjoy the party with so many strangers.
  • Special for baby: Dressed up your baby in a special fancy dress and click pictures to put it as a good memory of the house party. If your baby is above 6 months then try some new dish which is healthy for your baby. To do something new for your baby will be more exciting than going out for a party.
  • Movie-plan: Plan to watch a good movie at your home along with your favorite snacks, popcorns, and starters. The romantic movie is the best choice to start a new year with your partner.
  • Family gathering: Don’t just be yourself by ignoring other family members. If you are in a joint family then ask them also to join your party. Invite and gather your all family members to enjoy. Cook together, gossiping, playing games can make your new year memorable. Even your baby will also get love and care from the other family members.

It is not important how you are welcoming the New Year, but the most important thing which matters is the quality time you spent with your near and dear ones. If your baby is small then avoid going outside to save your baby from crowded areas, smoking zone, and loud noise and if you are in North India cities then it is saving your baby from chilling weather which is not good for baby’s health. 

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